Dramatic Asymmetry!

Dramatic Asymmetry Minimalistic Red Dress Vriti

Who doesn’t want a little Lady in Red moment?? 

Red is definitely not one of my usual go-to colors, but if I’m going to wear red, then February is the time to do it, right?  Hey all, I don’t know what it is about these off-shoulder dresses, but lately they’ve been a no-brainer for anytime I need a dress.The art of flashing both shoulders has become a must-do for anyone even slightly keen on fashion.

This minimalistic red dress is my latest purchase. I love how simple yet original it is. The asymmetric trend seems to be a little worn out to me but when it comes to this dress it doesn't matter though. It’s been a serious go-to for keeping cool and keeping my sanity lately.  It’s just one of those perfect summer dresses that weighs nothing and works every time.

 I love the simple broad neckline and proportions of the dropped shoulders. The girls with broad shoulder and a flaunting collarbone have the best buy in town. This really is a flattering look on everyone. The asymmetric cut and flare on the skirt is just so dramatic, very swishy when you walk!
 And if you’re looking to get in the spirit, then I’m rounding up a bunch more soon.
A happy February, friends!
By Vriti

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