Hot pink.... summer little frock!

So, is it too soon to start the summer dressing posts?  Because I’m thinking not.  Never too soon, friends.  So in these in-between-y days where my heart is saying fall and my sweaty forehead is saying summer, I’m all about some sweet transitional pieces like this…
Over a couple of years I have developed a little thing for Brand AND. The brand as a whole can be a bit outside of the box, but for summertime, tropical vacations, and the occasional party dress, certain pieces have become my true favorites.

This pretty-in-pink, solid color number is being added to the list. Yeah, I loved it when I saw it online, but in person it’s even more delicate and pretty.  I love the transparent neckline shoulder details, frill tassels, and I think it would make such a pretty day dress.
It’s super cute, has long sleeves which is comfy, and has an easy smart fit.This comfy dress combines some of my favorite things – super soft fabric, long sleeves, and a solid hot color I love!
This little frock can easily be dressed up or down with heels or over-the-knee boots. For now, rock it solo with an embellished heels.
I have been told that pastels don’t work with my skin right? Surprise! Surprise! The pastel nailpolish goes perfect with the skin and off-course enhance the look.

A frock dress is always a good idea, right?

Hope everyone is having a great week!
By Vriti


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