Shopping through my own…..closet!

Shopping through my own…..closet!
My new blog post is a little reminder that sometimes all I really need is a little shopping trip through my own closet.

I was recently forced to clean out my closet for shifting purpose and came across these shorts. I was obsessed with a couple of years ago.  And I was like, where have you two been hiding all this time? I remember while walking along saw them and the thought came was clearly it had to be mine. I had been lucky to find a comfy, cute and a bit roomy shorts. This cuffed version is one of the best buy which you can still find at H&M.

I have worn them 500 times at least already, and I bet there is no end. This can be paired up with basic tee, simple blouses or crop tops. But for now, it is with a hot stripped shirt. I got sold for the dramatic tie waist and am always loving anything striped for summer. One side ruffled sleeves add to the style.

Nothing is as sporty as a beautiful printed sneakers with lovely shorts.The female sneaker culture is growing bigger and bigger and it’s really dope to see girls out there showing their collections and their love for kicks. 
Anyone else love finding old favorites and making them new again?
Shopping through my own…..closet!
By Vriti.

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