A first- timer runner…..here we go!

Welcome to my first running post! What in the world was I doing running 13.04 miles…..for the first time??? Well, I first started running in my school in the sport day races where it was compulsory to participate. Unlike others, I was always ready to sacrifice my participation for sake of my school mates. Wink! Wink! I never enjoyed running and couldn’t run far or too fast.This blog space is not about my achievements at all in running…so keep following for something new!!

I stopped running in school and never returned to it. This was true only till my friend bitched on my face, dude you can’t run at all. I knew something had to change. From there on I started my training for running or actually rather I would say learn to know this beautiful world of running. On my journey till date, I have met the most generous community of people from different fields of life here on the running ground.

Everybody has dream of things that I want to accomplish in life. And they all have the same thing in common: They begin by taking one small step. For me, the first step to my running dream was to meet Mr.TarunWalecha, who not only helped me to know the basics but also opened the doors to the new unexplored world to me. He helped me to take my baby steps towards completing first 2kmsrun which was tough at that point in time. Little did I know about the technical aspects and unaware about so many things, I just aimed at completing my first Airtel Half Delhi Marathon in 2017.

Definitely in first HM walking breaks are too hard anyway – legs can’t seem to get going again. I completed ADHM in 2:48 something. Don’t worry about the timing but finish what you started. Look good and feel happy.

Goals for this first half marathon? Yup, I’ve got them. 1) SMILE and ENJOY IT. No matter what. 2) Finish it 3) Run the whole thing 4) Run it in 3:00:00 or less. Hey, why not!

Running became my therapy and I enjoy the time being “unplugged” from everything.I have three four running buddies who keep me committed to my training. My pace isn’t great but I work on it and I do it for me. I don’t run for anyone else….. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

By Vriti.


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