Baby steps to the trend!

Baby steps to the trend!
As a kid, I always failed to follow the rules. I, as an adult now am infamous for creating my own spaces and barging into places, I am not supposed to. Hang on!! Before you think I am a horrible person. I respect law, humans and I am honest. 

The only little mantra for me “Life is fun when you do what you want to do, limiting yourself with rules take the fun out of things”. Today’s look is all about this mantra of my life…..

When it comes to crop tops people often need a little encouragement. Believe it or not, there are still women on the fence about crop tops, despite the fact that they have been quite trending. My advice is to take baby steps……Stay on the more modest end of crop tops. Instead of see through go for a thicker material and with a slightly longer length.

My black crop top exemplify fashion resilience. It’s super cute, has long sleeves which I love, and has an easy fit that allows for a holiday mood.  Throw it on and be ready to shake some hands because the holidays are upon us. One off-shoulder with long sleeves adds a sense of balance to the fashion quotient. 

This little embrioded skirt is just about the cutest thing for spring. It’s a thick material, so it’s flattering and stretchy, and stitched belt knot adds more versatility. The beads giving the detailing to the embroidery in this flippy mini is just plain fun. I feel like I should be setting sail for someplace fabulous.

I paired it with under-the-knee boots, but this look can just as easily go with a pair of pumps. You can accessorize it with a bold, colorful handbag. Also a colorful jazzy statement earring will steal the show. It’s the perfect little skirt style for transitioning to spring.  Spring?  Did I just go there?
Hope everyone is having a happy week!

Baby steps to the trend!
By Vriti.

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