Figuring out my love for Polka!!

Figuring out my love for Polka!!
Hello! How is everyone doing? The weekend went by way too fast and the busy week is right here.To be honest, I’m lying a bit because I kind of kicked off my week with a sunny Monday lunch, and it went a little long.  One of those lunches that you don’t want to leave and friends that make you feel sane again.  But today I’m looking towards the week in the friendliest dress.  It’s super soft, cuteand has an easy fit. Today I am going to reveal a small secret.

There are girls who wear polka dots and there are girls who dislike this print. I am of the latter category. But be assured I will try to practice my un-biased trend setter report here. Polka dots have been around forever, as early as the 1940’s. You can sign your fashion life away on the polka-dotted line and you will never regret it.

The world of fashion goes without my consent on the print and this peach dress is true reflection that polka dots are IN and are trendy. This little polka dress is retro. And retro is both IN as well as pretty cool, I’ll say that. Do you remember back then even Walt Disney chose to dress Minnie Mouse in the polka dress?

It’s all the girliness I love wrapped up in one beautiful dress polka dots, lovely peach color, great classic texture and oh did I mention ¾ sleeves. I love the soft hue of this and the best part of this piece is that I didn’t have to alter it a bit. This dress may not actually scream summer, it’s definitely a great dress to wear for a lunch. The flounce on the dress is perfect and you will fall in love with the way this dress moves with each step you take.

This was available only in the regular sizes at the store. Regular sizes can at times be long for me. The dress transformed to the perfect length once I added on this broad brown belt that I picked from Accessorize.

This is the print my mother use to drape me in when I was 10, so on my mind sticking to dotted prints at 30s is like begging the world to take me seriously while I am still in that Minnie teen print. While I figure out why the hell I am not a dotted print girl, you throw it on and be ready to shake some hands.

Figuring out my love for Polka!!
By Vriti.

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