Get your own MOJITO!

When life gives you lemons, forget the lemonade. Swap them with limes, and make your own MOJITO! Ha! When I saw this top, I thought yes…Now, it’s more about grown up version, as I enjoy sipping some Mojito now and again. 

It’s impossible to see yellow and not feel happy. I try not to keep bright yellow near to my face so this yellow top is a happy color statement. Mood experts says that just like sun, yellow is indeed associated with optimism, self-esteem, energy and cheerfulness. So in honor of my desire to stay on track and keep myself well this summer, I purposely incorporated a cool yellow crop top in my life.It can’t hurt, right??

The yellow crop top is besties with blue so I have paired it several times with my washed out denims for a light look. Today I plan to go for a different combination.

It’s a simple no-brainer combo I throw on when I have to get ready fast. This denim mini is definitely one of the best and easiest way to look effortless. Actually I had to put very little effort for a cool summer look. A raw edge denim is the twist in the routine skirts.I am not really scared to mix and match trends.What I love most about this skirt is I can pair it with a casual crop top, shirt or a crewneck sweater for winters with booties. It gives me room to style it and add to the versatility of the skirt trend.

Denim skirts are not new but they have been hiding under the shed for past a decade. Back in school, denim skirts were my favorite. They were my go-to all summer long. In fact, so many times I wore them in winters with my boots. My belief is to Dust-off that denim skirt because they are back and better than ever. So one of my must have suggestion for spring and summer this year is the denim skirt, especially the one with distressed details.

Oh, and I figured I’d mention these cool green sneakers again because I knew when I got them that I’d wear them a ton, but they’ve become a real obsession.  They’re super comfy for all-day wear, and pretty much anytime I wear them, someone will ask what they are or where they’re from.  So if that question just so happened to come from you, you can grab a pair right at VANS.

Hope everyone is having a good week!

By Vriti.

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