Jump for Jumpsuit love!

Jump for Jumpsuit love!
Hey, girl, hayyyy, today’s the day!  I mean its Friday and all, but the real reason for celebration is that the summers have officially kicks off for everyone, it’s finally back to the sunshine and inching closer and closer back to summer dresses and colors. 

There’s one fashion item in my wardrobe above all else that never fails to call out me as a bonafide fashion girl: The jumpsuit. Whether the style’s being worn in a casual lunch date, formal event or in a birthday bash girls can’t get enough of the versatile one-piece.Style kept, jumpsuits also happen to be the ultimate lazy girl go-to. With the all-in-one ensemble at the heart of my outfit, all I need to think about are my shoes, bag, and a few carefully considered accessories.

Going by the name of jumpsuits, what comes to our mind is loose cuts, plunging necklines, bare backs, halter-necks, long sleeves, prints. But this piece sure deserve a kudos for it’s been played up, nipped, tucked and reinvented the classic-with-a-twist jumpsuit.

What is so captivating about this jumpsuit is its color. Besides its inherent indecisiveness, the front golden buttons are the little highlights which are total contrast but are classic catchy element. The shoulder detailing adds to the love for jumpsuit trends. It can mimic a dress, and a matchy top and bottom outfit, if  a broad belt is added. Ah… how we love a bit of controversy every now and then. Though I might be a little hasty on this one. Let’s just say it might take more than one date to fall in love with it. Jumpsuits have always given me that WTF reaction and a quick hand dismissal as I came across one on the shop rails. Then, I’d see it on a gorgeous girl, and I felt bad about giving it the cold shoulder. But that was a long back story.

This piece has its attractivenessbecause it has an unbroken line running from the neck to the feet and can be flattering on some body shapes. I really love jumpsuits – unless have to go to the bathroom, where it is unfortunately necessary to remove it entirely.

To bring some fun in the whole look I chose my tricolor pastel statement earrings, which is an iconic collector’s piece. 

Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Don’t choose to be a non-believer just yet… have a look. 

Jump for Jumpsuit love!
By Vriti.

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  1. I love the color! it looks amazing with your eyes! :)
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    Alessa Bernal