Pre & Post Holi Skin Care Tips.

Festival of colours is set to usher in and you are all set to get drenched in riot of colours and let your hair down to enjoy rain dance party. But you must be afraid thinking about aftermath and adverse effects of colors that are laden with harsh chemicals. Coupled with pollution, harsh effects of UV rays and direct splash of water toxic colours can expose your skin to severe harmful after effects and excessive  damage. Get soaked in the spirit of festivity and get drenched but make sure that fun ride doesn't  turn into nightmare for your skin because of  breakouts, rashes, allergy, reactions and  rashes. 

By following few small yet significant measures you can smear colours and get soaked in the spirit of festivity. Beauty expert Mallika Gambhir, Persona Salon & makeovers has some easy DIY tips that will not only protect your skin and scalp against any harmful effects of Holi colours but would also enhance beauty of your skin during festivity and make Holi extravaganza more vibrant. 

Go on and apply good base of organic makeup on your skin, followed by sunscreen and moisturizer, this is the day when you can even apply thick layer of makeup on your face and prep your skin against direct color attack. This shall reduce skin irritation and save your skin from unnecessary hazard. For makeup base use organic products.
Applying sunscreen before applying makeup is important as this will provide shield of protection against harsh impact of UV rays on your skin. 
You must trim your nails and apply any dark nail paint so that residue of any stubborn colour is not left on your nails. Oil and moisturize you skin well to protect make a mixture of 1 tablespoon each of coconut oil and olive oil and add to it a teaspoon of castor oil. Apply this mixture all over your skin before playing Holi. 
Ensure to apply it on the ears and the area behind the ears. 
If you don't like to apply oil you can replace the same with vitamin e enriched cream or aloe vera based cream as oiling and moisturizing will give your skin protective shield. Colours wont be in direct contact of skin.
Don't overlook lips and apply lip balm on your lips to keep them protected and moisturized. 
You must not ignore your scalp as well and apply oil on scalp and hair strands to protect them against damage. Tie you hair in  a bun to minimize harsh effects. 
Let Holi fun and frolic be continued with splash of organic and natural colours. Colours would not only smell soothing but would also accentuate beauty of your skin.  Play healthy and safe holi this year with organic colours as they don't  contain harmful toxic components and are safe. 


Recipe to make your own Organic Holi Colours.

You can make your own organic Holi colours at home that will accentuate beauty of your skin. You can soak petals of natural flowers overnight and make water colour, You can add rose water, lavender, sandalwood essence for fragrance.
If you want organic gulal you can simply sun dry seasonal flowers for few days, grind them, your natural gulal is ready, use it generously. Make mixture of Besan, chandan powder, crushed rose petals, turmeric and grind them all to make a soft powder and use as much as you wish to. 

Post Holi care : 

Use lukewarm water for washing off colours, You can add drops of lemon and oilve oil in bathing water. 
Prefer to use  homemade face cleansers made with mixture of oats, lemon juice and  milk to  wash off colours.  You can also prepare cleanser with milk, few drops of lemon, pinch of besan and apply it all over your face gently and wash off. If your skin is very dry you can replace milk with malai.
You can use mixture of aloe vera gel with lemon drops as well to wash off colour and keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.
Apply cucumber juice if your skin is allergic to colours. To wash scalp off the colours use mixture made with curd and lemon juice, rinse off with shampoo and apply copious amount of conditioner.
If your hair becomes too dry, then a apply oil on your scalp , leave it for the night and the wash it in the morning with a mild shampoo.
As you try to wash off colours you must not be doing it harshly and hastily as this can cause rashes and skin alergy. Be soft and gentle to your skin. 
So do yourself a favour and play safe and  organic Holi.

Mallika Gambhir Beauty & Makeover Expert, Persona Salon & Spa.
Photos By Manav Singhi

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