The inspiring mountains are still alive - Spiti Valley.

The inspiring mountains are still alive- Spiti Valley.

Back in the 90s, only a handful of people would have the desire to go on a bike expedition trip to Spiti Valley. The success of multiple biker groups at various more approachable destinations, this inspired more exploration to the cold desert mountain valley. Surely, what was once an elusive place deemed as only for explorers has now become a dream destination for travelers who are looking to go off the beaten track.

If someone told me years ago, that I will be making my long dreamt bike expedition come true in 2018, I would have not believed them. I am one of those women who always have had a passion to explore the destination without expectations. I am thrilled to finally announce that together with ROOTSVIDA, I completed their expedition called “SPITI- One step closer”.

Aaaah… somebody please pinch me though because I still can’t believe that, I actually survived such an amazing place that used to be just a fragment of my dreams!

Now as a very obvious thought someone would be thinking why SPITI and why with ROOTSVIDA???

Well so not making it too complicated….simply put because SPITI is the most pristine, remote and unique place in INDIA.

As my traveling experiences grow, I realized that my want to be associated with people/organization that have something deeper, besides, of course being entertaining is much stronger. Anurag from ROOTSVIDA who lead this expedition is a person who pours his heart and soul into making the experience unique, not cutting corners. Simply put, a passionate individual!!

Day 1:The whole expedition starts by the bank of the unfrozen river, basking in nature’s vast bounty…..MANALI. For this day, we are free to explore the city on our own.So as my ‘first’ footstep in SPITI, got briefing of tips and ‘things-to-do’ there.

As the evening approached we were treated by the yummy home cooked food. With lots of stories, not to miss was the star on the dinner table “Mint-tomato chutney” which was freshly picked from the kitchen garden.

The Journey

Saying YES for this journey is off course the first and hardest step….atleast if I say so for myself. On the very first day, I knew the road challenged me at every step of the way. From bouts of motion sickness across the roughest paths in the world to exhausting treks to the top of glaciers and mountains.

Other than the reasons that I’ve already mentioned previously at the start of this article, I always looked forward to the kind of discussions and experiences that we will be doing during the expedition with ROOTSVIDA. Of course this includes as well my interest for Bhuddist culture centers like Key Monastery, Tabo Monastery and Dhankar Monastery.

This route has magnificent mountain scenery with glaciers and waterfalls. I was treated to an array of sensory firsts. Never have I seen mountains or sky so large, blues so blue or whites so blindingly white. Never have I heard the distant crunch and rumble of a river flowing, or smelled air so fresh and pure.

Each day is different. The harshness of the elements dictate what you can and cannot do, but I was lucky to have calm mountains and mild weather for the duration of the trip.

The Destination

Finally we arrive in CHANDRATAL- a place dedicated to peace and stars, and a place that has evolved through the millennia without human interference. It is a photographer’s dream due to majestic surrounding of snow-capped mountains and endless wilderness.

The sounds and smells of water of this destination is unparalleled. It was exhausting to reach there, skeptical of the cold winds I sat near the lake listening to it. It challenged me emotionally. It challenged my point of view, my established routine and my sense of self.

This place made me realize the beauty of life and self is loneliest and highest of all. I can stay awake each night to watch the sunset over the mountains here, waiting until almost midnight for the pink sky to darken. I can wake early to head out once again, when the sun has long since risen and see its reflection in the huge water.

I confronted my fears, overcame adversity, and in return, was treated to a truly unforgettable experience.

SPITI VALLEY changed me and my life forever by reminding me that there are places and people still unadulterated, unfettered by human impact.

Ready for life altering endeavor??

The inspiring mountains are still alive- Spiti Valley.

The inspiring mountains are still alive- Spiti Valley.

The inspiring mountains are still alive- Spiti Valley.

The inspiring mountains are still alive- Spiti Valley.

The inspiring mountains are still alive- Spiti Valley.

The inspiring mountains are still alive- Spiti Valley.

The inspiring mountains are still alive- Spiti Valley.
By Vriti.

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  1. The pics look unreal! havent seen anything like that. Thanks for this beautiful writeup