Influences & Inspirations.

Influences & Inspirations.
Shawl Chattisgarh
2000s Tussar Silk, Handspun, Handwoven
Private Collection, Noida - UP
A Hand woven tussar silk shawl in beige colour with various hues & shades because of its texture.
New Tradition : Influences & Inspirations, In Indian Textiles
(An exhibition of handmade textiles in India from Independence to now)

An Exhibition is going on at JKK, Jaipur an unique exhibition where they brought different fabrics weaved, embroidered, khadi, dyed and hand painted from 1930s-40s even. The collection is superb if you from fashion or textile industry, it's a must visit place for you. Even if you are not from fashion or textile industry you should visit once.

They divided the exhibition in four parts first the khadi section, second hand-woven cotton, third hand painted cotton and silk, fourth metaphors and materiality & modern fabrics. If want to see evolution of textile that the answer is this exhibition.

Khadi is hand woven cotton fabric which is produced in widely by Khadi and village Industries commission, Ministry of Micro, small and medium enterprises of Government of India. Khadi is usually woven from cotton and sometimes blend with silk or wool, spun into yarn on a charkha (spinning wheel). Khadi is classy fabric which is loved by people, it's a versatile fabric, cool in summer and warm in winter. khadi is widely adapted in fashion circles. khadi is there in textile in from early 20s, during Swadeshi movement Mahatma Gandhi promoted the spinning of khadi for rural self-employment and boycotting foreign cloth.
Influences & Inspirations.
Khadi Fine Muslin 
400s count Bengal | 2000s cotton - Amber Charkha, Hand woven.
Private Collection, Noida - UP 
Muslin is a plain woven fine quality cotton fabric available in various weights. It's been imported in Europe from India in 17th century & later manufactured in Scotland and England.
Influences & Inspirations.
Khadi denim 
11:11 Gujarat, Puducherry | 2011-18 cotton, handspun, Handwoven.
Celldsgn, New Delhi
The various elements go into the making of Khadi denim and it's natural dyeing in indigo. These elements are used in 100% natural & hand woven khadi denim fabric. It's light weight, comfortable and fashionable to wear.
Influences & Inspirations.
 Prabhakar Barwe | 1981-82 Silk, Hand-painted with acid Dyes 
Vinay Sheth, Mumbai
It's a Untitled hand-painted fabric patch where the artist created a master piece inspired by paying Cards as I see in this painting.    
Influences & Inspirations.
Tree A & B
Monika Corea | 2o12-13
Wrap - Unbleached Cotton | Weft - Dyed Cotton, Hand woven 
Jhaveri contemporary, Mumbai.

It's a hand woven fabric in which they used wrap unbleached cotton yarn and in weft black cotton yarn after these two weaved this beautiful fabric came up.
Influences & Inspirations.
Cambay / Design No. 1
Durrie | Shyam Ahuja | 2018
Cotton, Hand woven | Shyam Ahuja, Mumbai.

Shyam Ahuja deals in home furnishing, his rugs & fabrics designed in India. Handmade by karigars in India they sell it worldwide, spreading Indian handloom since 1963
Influences & Inspirations.
Ritu Kumar | 1980s
Silk, Hand Block-printed and Hand-embroidered
Ritu Kumar is foremost designer known for her aesthetic design Inspired by traditional Indian craftsmanship and innovative way of using ancient designing. She started working with four block printers and two tables in a small village in Calcutta. She is the first lady who introduced boutique culture.
Influences & Inspirations.
Paola Manfredi | 2007
Silk Embroidered with Aari
Paola Manfredi is born in Italy, lived and worked in India for thirty years. She is passionate about textile and history of textile exchanges between East and West. She worked a lot for Asian craftsmanship particularly in Chikankari from Lucknow, aari and Nakshi kantha from Bangladesh. 
Metaphors and Materiality
In past recent years most amazing experiments have done in Indian textiles outside from mainstream and different from usual textile design and manufacture. The experiments impact us to rethink textile beautifully presented in totally different way.
Influences & Inspirations.
Link / Interlink
Aneeth Arora | 2014
Thread Machine Embroidered | Devi Art Foundation, New Delhi
Machine Embroidery is a process where a sewing or embroidery machine is used to make patterns on textile. In link stitch embroidery pattern can be control by manually or automatically. Link stitch embroidery is also known as chenille embroidery. 
Influences & Inspirations.
Factory Made Sari 
Sharmila Samant | 2006
Used bottle caps and metal shackles 
It's a sari made of bottle caps, an experiment which came up so nice in the form of sari. 
Influences & Inspirations.
Jamdani Sari
Rimzim Dadu | 2014
Sillicon Yarn, Hand woven, Devi art  foundation, New Delhi
A sari made of silicon yarn, hand weaved, white in color; you can see how beautiful it is?
Influences & Inspirations.
Beej, Ahmadabad, Gujrat | 2017-18
Cotton, Reverse hand cut appliqué
Beej, Ahmadabad, Gujrat 
A fabulous silhouette made in off-white color in cotton with the revese hand cut applique.  
Influences & Inspirations.
Hexagon Dress
Rahul Mishra | Spring Summer 2016
Wool (Felted), Organza, PU Leather | Hand embroidered 
This dress is really beautiful, multi color but settle. a vibrant summer dress

These are just few that we could bring to there are many other fabulous fabric you could see in the exhibition. I think nobody should miss this opportunity to witness this textile exhibition. 
Thank You    
By Pooja Agnihotri

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