Designers Ajay Sinha & Buzy from Buzjay Fashion are all set to recreate magic of high couture fashion.

Designers Ajay Sinha & Buzy from Buzjay Fashion are all set to recreate magic of high couture fashion.

Beautiful contestants of Miss Rajasthan to showcase exquisite charm clad in designs of Buzjay Fashion.

After creating buzz with magnificence of high couture fashion from the Divas of MISS RAJASTHAN  for two consecutive years in the past Designer duo Ajay Sinha & Buzy from Buzjay Fashion Studio are all set to recreate the magic of high end fashion meeting royalty. All beautiful contestants of MISS RAJASTHAN 2018 will be showcasing exquisite fashion draped in lavish designs by Buzjay Fashion Studio. Stage is all set to celebrate formidable repertoire of designs with "REGAL FASCINATIONS" theme reflecting traditional yet contemporary fashion with vivid rounds of Fusion, High Fashion and traditional rounds.

Their creativity will come alive on the ramp as all contestants will walk the stage clad in specially curated ensembles by celebrated designers. Gala event will promise to offer a spectacle never seen before. Elaborate ensembles, magnificent set and riveting concepts of the show will be dedicated to Royalty this year and will pen a new chapter of royal grandeur in keeping with aesthetics of Indian traditions and fashion. Themed around REGAL FASCINATIONS, collection is going to be a tribute to royalty and heritage of Rajasthan. Designers with their beautiful ensemble have tried to honor the diversity of royal fashion.  Regal and vintage craftsmanship has translated to contemporary silhouettes in form of beautiful designs.

Lauded designs by designers transcend the boundaries of fashion trends in favor of unique experimentation with aesthetics. 

Their magnificent designs are most sought after by fashion connoisseurs and fashion influencers. " We are very pleased to associate with MISS RAJASTHAN 2018 for the third time in row, we will be marking hattrick together this year, we remain accredited to take high couture fashion to another level with timelessly spectacular creation this year round. Collection is dreamy and dramatic with elaborate work of art of every piece of design, fine embroidery add to the finesse of designs. Royalty will reflect through the splendid silhouettes of stunning designs as beautiful models will display glamour & style in vivid rounds. Designers will reflect the blue blooded taste and elite style. Celebrated designers Ajay Sinha & Buzy stated, " Our designs reflect magnificence, effervescence, vibrancy and rich cultural lineage We have entered into successful association with Miss Rajasthan and thankful to Mr Yogesh Mishra for keeping immense faith in our work year after year.

Joining the designers on the occasion were organizers of Miss Rajasthan  Yogesh and Nimisha Mishra and Nareshant Sharma, they were all praise for designers work. " I have witnessed how excited and happy contestants of Miss Rajasthan feel as they wear beautiful designs of Buzjay, we are thankful to designers for making our contestants look like princess in their innovative designs. This year too everyone will see amalgamation of high couture fashion and royal charm. New collection of designers based on REGAL FASCINATION theme is a visual delight with fresh colour, contemporary cuts and traditional work of art.

Designers Ajay Sinha & Buzy from Buzjay Fashion are all set to recreate magic of high couture fashion.

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