Voicing against animal testing on World Animal Day.

Jacqueline Fernandez a Bollywood actress took over 8 million petition signatures to the UN Headquarters in New York City, as brand ambassador of The Body Shop, which is ‘Forever Against Animal Testing’. Voicing her opinion against animal testing on World Animal Day.

“I personally believe that real beauty cannot be achieved at the cost of harming anyone, especially animals. The concept of animal testing for cosmetics and its ingredients is outdated, cruel and unnecessary and should be banned forever. A socially responsible world cannot continue testing measures that prove hazardous to anyone’s health. “Today, as we stand vindicated and proud that the campaign has touched a chord with so many across the world, inspired and ignited men and women, customers and fans, young and old, believers and cynics, it is time to take this to its logical conclusion. It’s time to ban animal testing forever and everywhere,” she said in a statement.
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Jacqueline Fernandez

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