An Interview with Mr. Nitin Mehta - ex - army officer now a model!!!

An Interview with Mr. Nitin Mehta - ex - army officer now a model!!!

We at FashionVeda got a wonderful opportunity to interact with Mr. Nitin Mehta who is recently all over the internet and is making his way in the entertainment industry step by step.

Read the details about him we got through a short yet interesting interview with him where he not just talks about his journey but also shares his fashion statement and lifestyle with us so that people who read can understand that it’s all about hard work, discipline, dedication and perseverance.

Nitin Mehta
is from an army background family. His father served our nation for more than 30 years and with this he always had in his mind that he also has to serve the nation. Due to constant transfers his schooling was done at various places in India but soon after his 12th he got into National Defense Academy. BTW He is a mechanical engineer and later focused in aeronautical discipline. He has served our nation for 21 years with full dedication and ownership.

In 2016, he decided to explore more areas and started his journey as a biker with his Harley-Davidson. Biking and exploring new places was something he started admiring but there was something else also waiting for him in the waiting area of an airport. While biking and travelling he let his look change. From a soldier clean shaved look to a well groomed beard and mustaches his look was letting him get a lot of attraction but he avoided it. Soon at an airport he met someone who actually planted the idea of entertainment industry in his mind. He thought about it but had no idea what to do. A friend in need is a friend in deed. His friends were the one who told him to get a portfolio and the further steps. But again being from an army back group his father showed a little hesitation but sooner or later it had to go because he was a shining star. His will to try and explore something made him believed his instincts that there is more for him in this field.

Initially he had some difficulties like physical fitness, age actor, and learning new things but nothing could stop him. He focused on his lifestyle and started working hard. It is believed when you work hard with full dedication the things do role. And now there he is from Big B to Deepika Padukone, from bollywood to kollywood, from albums to various advertisements. He is all over the place. His father now keeps all his newspaper cutting and pictures. He is proud of his son that he provided a solider could be anything he wishes for.

When asking about this favorite styling statements and lifestyle tips for youngsters very firmly he maintained that he believes in comfort. “you won’t recognize me if you see me out on a normal day” his comfort is his styling statement and his lifestyle is very controlled. From workout to a control diet is what makes him so fit and confident about his own-self. He looks forward to people to believe in them, as he does and to never be negative about them. After all, if food gives energy to your body your words give energy to your mind. He says “I believe there is always a way out there, and if not then I will make my own way if I really want that thing or opportunity”.

With this the interview ended on a high end. We at FashionVeda will always look forward to hear more about Mr. Nitin Mehta and wish him luck for his upcoming projects. He is a role model to so many people out there. Go through his IG profile and follow him for his new upcoming projects. Even he is happy to help people who are looking forward to join army.

Let us know about someone who inspires you in the comment section below. We at FashionVeda will reach out to them for a quick insider interview.


  1. Great. Carry on regardless.God will help.

  2. I know you can achieve what ever you set your eyes on. Salutes from a big fan.

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