Skincare Tips for both Men and Women!!

Skincare Tips for both Men and Women!!

Skincare Tips for both Men and Women!!

These days it’s not just women who take care of their skin. Men are equally taking care of themselves. The market is flooded with various kinds of men and women skincare products but all we need to understand is that some skincare routines are common among women and men. Just washing your face with water and soap is an important step but not the only step of skincare routine for a healthy looking skin you need to follow a strict skincare regiment:

Cleaning your inner toxicity:  Soap and various face wash products could take care of your skin externally by removing dust, excess oil, block pores and etc but a healthy skin comes from within. What we eat our skin reflects. Thus, a rich nutritious diet and keeping yourself hydrated is the first step towards your skincare regiment. Most important is say no to all kind of intoxication.

Moisturizing: Anything is excess and low could be harmful thus, your skin should be moisture accordingly. But don’t forget to apply moisture after cleaning your face and taking shower because it helps the skin to lock moisture for long time. In case of people with oily skin they should only apply moisture advised by a professional.

Go Natural:  The market is flooded with various kinds of skincare products containing different types of chemicals. The chemicals are absorbed by skin causing various kinds of skin problems such as acne and rashes. Thus, many people go natural on their skin. Applying aloevera gel, rubbing ice, turmeric face mask and tomato peels are some basic non-harmful natural ways to give you naturally clean and healthy looking skin.

Avoid touching your face:  Your hands touch various thing and touching your face without washing your hands will lead bacteria to your face. The face skin is very delicate thus these bacteria might cause skin problem. Thus, it is often said and believes to keep your hands of your face.

Clean make-up brushes and razors: Anything that touches your face should be clean and used by only you. Sharing your skincare products could cause a lot of problems. Especially your make-up brushes and razors should be used by only you. They should be clean after every used properly and stored at a clean and moisture free place.

All the above tips are basic tips mostly suitable for all skin types but before applying anything directly to your face or any body part do a small patch skin test. If you experience any kind of itching or burning immediately wash it with cold clean water. For people with sensitive skin always ask your dermatologist before starting or adding anything to your daily skin routine. P.S. Self love is something which will always spark to your personality. Take pride in oneself.

Let us know in the comment section below about your skin type and your skincare routine. Also if you follow these basic tips already then let us know what your results are. 

By Videsha Bansal

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