Importance of ‘ME TIME’!!

Importance of ‘ME TIME’!!

Importance of ‘ME TIME’!!

Okay..So you are searching for some really common answers but yet difficult choices..

Yes!!! ME time is important for all of us..!! Where we just sit and arrange our mind just like we arrange our messy cupboard.

Before reading just think about the times you use sat near the beach or any pleasant place and wondered all the humans just disappear. It’s just you and your happy moment. That is your ME time. A small part in a 24 hours long day where you just is repeat just think and live with yourself..!!!

A time where there is no one expect you in your life…It could be before sleeping, after getting up, after your office when you come back with a hot cup of tea/coffee or may be when you go for a walk in the park…it’s just you.

But why is this important???

Just think about a messy clothes cupboard where you can’t find your favorite dress or the other piece of your ear rings? Similarly a messed up mind needs some arrangement. Where you collect your thoughts, take some pending decisions, or some time just clean up cache. This time is something which refreshes you just like a hot bath after a long day at office. This time is very important when you have to take some major decisions and there are advises from all around.. This could be related to your job, study, marriage or even family planning. This is the time you live as yourself. This time helps you regain what you think about yourself and not what others think. This time not just improves your relation with yourself but also with people around you.

Often people say “time kahan h” but be honest with you and ask yourself don’t you have 10 minutes from all the chores of your life to actually live with yourself?

I would suggest… Stop reading this post go grab a hot cup of tea or coffee go to your favorite place in your house and sit there quietly don’t let the outside world noise disturb you when you are with yourself…!!!

P.s. Do drop a comment what you felt!!

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