Street Fashion-For All!!!

Street Fashion-For All

We all have often copied famous celebs for different fashion statements. Follow different fashion icons for various new styling trends. Often we wait for different fashion designers to launch their various fashion ranges. But to your surprise IT’S THE STREET FASHION recently which is making its way to the international market. From common people to models everyone is amazed by the street wear. Yes the ‘street wear’ is becoming a new normal in the fashion industry. Thus here are some new street fashion trends which are preferred by many people and you could often see it around you.

Jump Suit/Dungaree:
Among the most trending styling pieces it is the jump suit and dungaree are preferred the most by young women. In different bright colors and style it always add that a new style statement to your regular outfits. A denim dungaree is a cool look for young men.

All Denims:
All Denim is a look very common among youngsters. But while choosing this look one needs to take care that it is not all in one color. A different shade of denims paired together is a go-to style.

A long simple bold color kurti paired with a stylish plazzo is a savior for maximum girls who wish to style effortlessly. 

Leather jackets:
Yes! You read it correct. The leather jackets are no more a winter piece, it is making its way in the summer collection. It’s a common styling piece among all age groups. 

Checked casual shirt/short kurties/open shrug/long dress is every girl’s wardrobe. Whereas, for boys checked trousers/shirts/ summer coats are helping them change their styling statement. Even polka dots are trending these days.

Over coats:
Yes! Other than leather jackets over coats are also nowadays a part of street fashion for both men and women.

To the above list there also common pieces like jeans, simple t-shirts, knee length dress, which are evergreen street fashion but to this people add a little details like bangles, heavy earrings, neckpieces, watches, bags, and different stylish footwear. Let us know about your go-to street fashion ideas and your styling tips in the command section below.

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