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Aloe Vera Gel All in One Fashion Veda Jaipur

From fixing hair problems to giving you hydrated healthy skin, aloe vera gel does it for you. You name it and aloe vera gel does it. You apply it, eat it or make a juice. Aloevera gel has its own benefits for you. Here are some highly recommend tips on how to use aloevera gel to get maximum benefits from it.

Hydrating Skin: Winters are approaching and we all will look for something which could lock moisture in our skin. Apply aloe vera gel base moisturizer and let your skin shine. Apply aloevera gel on your face before sleeping. This helps in getting a natural glow on your face. Because of antioxidants it helps you treat acne also.  

For Hair: Say bye to frizzy hair. Apply fresh aloe vera gel or mix it with vitamin E gel. Apply it on your hair from tip to scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes and then wash it with normal water. Repeat it at regular intervals and see noticeable results soon.

Health: Consuming aloevera gel could be very beneficial for your health as well. Taking it raw or in form of juice could help you in proper digestive system and liver related issues. But you should only consume after consulting your doctor. Aloe vera when eaten has its own pros and cons.

Weight Loss: Aloe vera gel when consumed as a juice could help you reduce weight. Various diet supplements have it as an ingredient. But before you use it do consult your doctor.  

Burns or after shaving: Often while working in  kitchen we have small burns or cuts, applying aloe vera gel on it could be very soothing. Also after shaving aloe vera gel could be used. Extract gel and store in refrigerator. Apply that cold gel on your cut, or burned area. An instant relief is achieved.

Let us know it the comment section below how you use aloe vera gel.

(This tips are not medical information, these are just generic information. Always consult a specialist or doctor before you use it or consume it.)

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