Different Types of ‘UBTANS’ for glowing skin!!!

Different Types of ‘UBTANS’ for glowing skin!!!

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Remember in childhood how our Nani and Dadi use to give us a bowl of mix ingredients known as UBTAN to take bath with? Do you remember its benefits? NO?? Let me remind you..!!

Anything chemical free is good for skin and health. UBTAN was all about natural ingredients like turmeric, flour, aleovera gel, oil, etc.

UBTAN keeps your skin hydrated naturally.

It removes tan immediately.

No allergy

Give your skin a break from chemical products and go for some natural ingredients and long term benefits. Below are my top 5 favorite UBTANS:

Besan and Haldi: This is the most simple and effective UBTAN for all skin type. Take a bowl and add 2 table spoon of besan in it. Add half spoon of turmeric in it. Add 1 and a half table spoon of yogurt in it. Now mix all the ingredients together until you get a smooth paste. This mixture helps you in de-tanning and locks moisture in your skin. Use it on regular basis to see results.

Sandalwood Wood and Gram flour: So this paste has little more ingredients in it. Take a bowl add one small cup of gram flour in it. Add simple plain yogurt in it. Adding little milk is optional. Then add table spoon of sandalwood power and a small pinch of turmeric in it. Mix the paste well till you get a smooth paste. Apply this on your full body keep for 5-7 minutes and then scrub the excess part (skin exfoliation). Take a shower to get rid of left over paste on your body. You can see noticeable results in just 2-3 time of use.  

Milk and Oats: Eating oats in good for your health and applying oats is good for your skin. This is a body scrub. Take a bowl add 2 big spoon of oats, add a pinch of turmeric, add one table spoon of honey (you can also use powder sugar) and last add little milk to make the paste. Mix all the ingredients well and apply before the shower. This scrub helps you get rid of dry skin, helps in healing and give you a smooth skin naturally.

Lemon and potato: This is most common for tan removing. Take a medium size potato grind it properly and then squeeze it to get potato juice. Take a bowl add 1 large spoon of plain yogurt in it, add potato juice in it, add some lemon juice in it and one capsule of vitamin E. Mix the paste well, this paste will be a little more watery than others. Apply on your body parts which are exposed to the sun the most. Avoid underarms and sensitive areas.   

Orange peel and Milk: Next time you eat an orange then do not throw the orange peels away. Collect it, wash it and let it dry under the sun. Grind the dried orange peels in the grinder and store well. Take a bowl and add 2 spoon of orange peel powder, add some turmeric, add more gram flour and add milk and mix the paste until you get a smooth paste. Apply the paste before you take a shower, leave it for 5-6 minutes and then waste it. This paste helps you lock the moisture and give your radiant look instantly.

I hope you found this tips useful. Do share your experience and other body polishing UBTAN paste in the comment section below.

By Videsha

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