In conversation with Mr. Umesh Gulia!!!

An Interview with Umesh Gulia Ustraa

An Interview with Designer Turned Model, Ustraa Fame The Best Looking Beard Guy Umesh Gulia.

Jerry Moran said and I quote, “Perfection has to do with the end product, but excellence has to do with the process” and I realized this while I was in a conversation with Mr. Umesh Gulia.

Umesh Gulia is a Fashion Designer from NIFT. He is a Delhiite. Working with brands like GAP and many others he has his own personality. His beard and bold looks let him enjoy a lot of attention. He takes all this in a positive way and look forward to all the opportunities in his life. We took this opportunity to peek inside his life and career journey.

Q: You are known for your constant deep beard look. Please share your routine with our people who wish to follow you for this look.

Answer: “Well I do care a lot about it. Just like your scalp hair you need to take care of your facial hair as well. Your facial hair are the first thing a person notice on your face, so they have to be well maintained. It has been 6 years since I have tried my best to maintain this look and work on it constantly. Proper washing, oiling, trimming, and a healthy diet are the reason behind my constant deep look.”

Q: Do you prefer this look from starting/or it was a hit and trial?

Answer: “I have been blessed genetically and I also preferred this look. This lead me to be the brand ambassador of various organizations and also gave other opportunities which I have enjoyed. I look forward to a lot of such opportunities ahead.”

Q:  One most important thing in your grooming kit?

Answer: “Beard Oil, and Beard Wash. These two things are something I never miss and also tell people about them. Beard Oil helps in keeping your facial hair rich and shinny. It also prevent after effects of beard. There are different types of oil depending on your beard type. They are non-stick so you can apply while going out. To keep it clean and dust free, beard Wash is very important.”

Q: Do you prefer changing your facial hair style every now and then? Are you planning to get a clean shave in near future?

Answer: “Actually No! Until and unless it is very important or necessary I do not prefer to change my facial hair. Secondly, I have no plans to take my facial hair off. This is something helping me push my limits and see new horizons.”

Q: So, this was about your facial hair, we would love to know your go-to outfit in your wardrobe?

Answer: “Well being a fashion designer my wardrobe is always flooded with various types of attire. But my most go-to outfit is something in athletics. I am a lot in to sports and gym so something related to that is my comfortable zone. For example: Jockers, simple t-shirt and white sneakers is something a go-to-go outfit for me.”

Q: One fashion trend you prefer the most and least for yourself?

Answer: “This is hard for me because I try everything. But yes, one trend I prefer the most is simple trousers and anything light in color for upper part. Whereas, one trend I don’t prefer much on me is dungarees.”

Q: People follow You, You follow?

Answer: “I follow different people for different reasons but models like David Gandy and Ricky Hall are the one I admire the most.”

Q: Being from entertainment industry you get compliments every day but there is always that one memorable compliment you received till day?

Answer: “This makes me recall a very interesting moment. I was travelling by air and one person came near me asked my name and on the very next moment clicked a selfie with me. I was in complete shocked and people around me kept staring at me with clue less expressions.”

Q: Well moving towards the end of this interview: “One statement or phase you wish people should remember you with- Your personal brand statement”?

Answer: “I am a person who doesn’t want to regret anything in life. Thus, keeping this the base my personal brand statement could be like- “Umesh Gulia: A life to live, I want to live it without regret”.           

It was a pleasure interacting with him and we at FashionVeda appreciate his work. We look forward to all his upcoming work and wish him a lot of success. You can follow him on IG. Please share your comments in the comment section below.

By Videsha


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