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Prince Dua

Recently I was in a conversation with Prince Dua the lead comedian of the TV series “Sadda Haq- My Life My Choice” telecasted on Channel V during 2013 year and recently seen in 13 mussoorie as Vicky. From his journey in the industry to his favorite fashion statement we have it all for you..!!!

Q: Share your introduction and experience in the entertainment industry?
Ans: “I always wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry. Did my PG in journalism and started with theaters in Delhi. Soon realize that if I have to be in this industry then need to go to Mumbai. Then headed towards Mumbai and kept reminding myself that I have to stay in the long run so be dedicated and positive.”

Q: Your suggestion for the people who are new in this industry and have no one to look up to?
Ans: “I believe one need to be very positive and hard working while getting in this industry. This industry requires endless hard work and patience. One should be mentally prepared to stay in the industry for a long run. I knew I have to stay here and even now also I keep myself updated and positive for the work I do.”

Q: What is your personal style like?
Ans: “Well, I belong to Haryana so I personally prefer Punjabi Male Salwar, with simple T-shirt and male juti with it. This looks keeps me near my hometown and is most comfortable for me.”

Q: A fashion trend you prefer the most?
Ans: “Well being from entertainment industry you have to try all sort of dresses but the most perfered for me is indo-western trend. For me indo-western style is the most comfortable and easy to handle.”

Q: Any style Icon you look up to for tips or you follow?
Ans: “I believe everyone has their own style statements but for styling tips I look up to Mr. Shahid Kapoor. Especially after this marriage looks are admirable (With a wink).”

Q: Your take on gender neutral fashion?
Ans: “As I said everyone has their own preferred fashion and thus I support gender neutral fashion. I even look forward to such work where I can explore such things and push my limits.”

Q: What is that one ‘must have wardrobe staple’?
Ans: “hmm..there are 2 things which I think should be there in the wardrobe of each person i.e., one is dhoti pants (neutral fashion) and another is handkerchief. These two are very important for me because one is a simple go-to dress with a simple shirt/T-shirt or Kurta and another is an essential for people.”

Q: What would you prefer when going on a date with your partner? Day and night Outfit?
Ans: “Well both the outfits could be same but if you ask me two different outfits then for Day Time I would prefer something light and simple like jeans and T-shirt and for Night I would prefer a little more layered like adding a jacket to my outfit. Well to this I would also add that one should decide the place before hand because that will help you even more to select your outfit.”

Q: Well we understand that when you belong to entertainment industry you have to try a lot of dresses to fit in the role, but is there any outfit you don’t prefer much?
Ans: “Well it is true that we have to try a lot of outfits and I also have many outfits but one outfit which I don’t prefer until and unless it is very important is Monocolor Formal Outfits.”

Q: What is your personal beard and hairstyle combine look?
Ans: “It is very simple. Keep it opposite. If I grow beard I keep my hair short (preferred cut is military style) and when I grow my hair then I trim beard. I don’t prefer keeping both long or two short together. And clean shave suits me so if I feel like I go for it.”

Q: Last by not the least you have done such different roles in your career till date, what according to you should be your brand statement? How should remember you by your roles or your brand statement?
Ans: “Well I would prefer if people remember me by my name “Prince Dua” because roles are temporary and my name is permanent. I wish people remember me as a person who made his own identity in a long run for a long run.”

It was an amazing interview with Prince Dua. Other than acting, he like driving and riding bikes. He prefers cleanliness and self care. His dedication and hard work has paid him back and we at FashionVeda wish him all the best for his future endeavors. Follow him on IG for his upcoming work and his styling statements. 

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By Videsha

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