An Interview with Savitha Sastry.

Savitha Sastry Classical Dancer

Meet Savitha Sastry- Expanding horizon of Classical Dance!!!

We have often heard that change is the only constant and to prove this Ms. Savitha Sastry is the best role model you could look up to. Recently, I was in a conversation with her and her students and found that how all small changes could help you make a bigger change in life.

Savitha Sastry was a neuroscientist in America and also worked in Canada but the only thing which was constant throughout her journey was her Dance. From a very young age she was into classical dancing and won various awards for the same. Even during her Ph.D. and professional life she always made time for dancing, and teaching dance. Gradually, as life moved forward she started realizing that she should make more time for dancing. She said “Mashoor hona h to India se hona h” after all an Indian is always an Indian.

When she came back to India, she realized a lot of things have changed in the entertainment industry and repeating the traditional thing in the new India will not make a big difference. We always have heard that behind a successful man there is a woman but the change starts from here, her husband is a refined writer and he wrote new stories for her to dance and performance. Her first story (cinema) base performance was in Delhi title Soul Cages…which according to her was her last performance but from there a new day started. From then and now there have been more than 100 performances done and still counting. After all the love and appreciation from the people she decided to go on digital platform so that more people could now that even the traditional classical dance could be presented in a new format.

She knew that a new curriculum needs a lot of dedication and details so she decided to go for a ‘Gurukul’ format teaching. She takes 3-4 students, through an intensive selection procedure. The students stay with her and learn the new classical dance form. According to her current students Varsha and Krupa, this phase of their life is the best phase. They not only just learn dancing but also learn how to stay that elegant classical dancer throughout their life.

At the end of the conversation I asked to share her secret behind her elegance and inspiration, she said “It is all about how you treat yourself, and your attitude towards things.” She gives equal importance to yoga and exercise as she gives to dance. This keeps her mind fresh and body in shape.

She encourages everyone out there to stay fit, stay healthy and follow their passion. All small changes we make help us make the most out of our life.

For me she is an inspiration and I will always look forward to all her upcoming works. Do let us know about your inspiration in the comment section below!!!!

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