In conversation with Mr. Tanuj Vijay about Cosa Nostraa!!

Tanuj Vijay about Cosa Nostraa mens accessories

Cosa Nostraa- mark territory in men's accessories by offering a range of impeccably crafted accessories.   

Recently we were in our conversation with Mr. Tanuj Vijay the heart and soul of Cosa Nostraa. The Cosa Nostraa team recently showcased their recent collection of men accessories in the eighth season of Fashion Connect in Jaipur. We were mesmerized with their elegant collection. Let us know more about Cosa Nostraa and their words on different fashion statements in this insightful interview.

Question: Please share about Cosa Nostraa and one word or phrase for your recent design collection?

Tanuj Vijay:
“Cosa Nostraa, an Italian term, signifies a clan of people who claim sovereignty over a territory. The ethos of our company is the same, i.e, to mark territory in men's accessories by offering a range of impeccably crafted accessories. Established in 2019, our focus is on bringing wearable art to the world, each handcrafted with precision by highly skilled local artisans of Rajasthan. Each piece goes through antique oxidization and texturing to give them a vintage look. While we hold a lot of pride in our craftsmanship, our unconventional designs remain our USP. Inspired by the world around and within, past and the present - the country's majestic wildlife, diverse culture, roots and values and architecture act as our muse every day. From everyday wear to occasion wear, from exquisite cufflinks to contemporary brooches, from vintage buttons to luxe lapel pins, we have something for every man. Thus, we are taking one step at a time to redefining the way men accessorizes.

Well one word for our recent design collection would be:
Once upon a time.”

Question: How do you identify the trend?

Tanuj Vijay:
“We generally do not follow any trend. We are highly inspired by History. That is where all our inspiration comes from.”

Question: Your words on "being different and having commercial appeal"?

Tanuj Vijay:
“We are purposefully unconventional and it clearly reflects in our design sensibility. We try to create something which is out of the bounds of cultural norms, something which awakens new possibilities which can transcend ordinary experiences and limitations. We help our customers express their unique style which sets them apart from the rest”.

Question: What pieces of information you look for before starting any project?

Tanuj Vijay:
We value our customer’s individuality and so each accessory we create is artistically designed and hand-crafted to bring to life a unique piece of art which is as real and authentic as our customers are.”

Question: How do you keep up with the fresh arrival season after season?

Tanuj Vijay:
“Seasonality determines a great deal in fashion. We all know about the four seasons. But typically, we operate in only two: Wedding/festive collections and gifting collections.

Question: Your giveaway on gender-neutral fashionable accessories?

Tanuj Vijay:
“This is an idea that is becoming more and more mainstream in our contemporary society. I think fashion has played a major role in blurring the line between menswear and women’s wear for a very long time. The consumers new-found genderless taste is visible everywhere now.”

Question: Your most memorable and challenging project?

Tanuj Vijay:
“We are on the verge of extending our accessory line. We would be introducing ties, scarves, shoes, belts and many other categories. We had never done this before and it was quite a challenging project for the whole Cosa Nostraa team but it was fun too.”

Question: A myth about designing and fashion?

Tanuj Vijay:
You need to be Exceptionally Creative. Most of the designers do not every day come up with out of the ordinary designs. It is simply not possible for an individual to deliver extraordinary creative designs every single day. Majority of successful designers go for research. Research makes you come across a lot of designs that help you to mold your creativity with traditional and modern culture.”

Question: Advice to your younger self and also to all the upcoming fashion designers?

Tanuj Vijay:
Inspiration comes from real life. Look around you and follow your instincts. Evan a tribal or silly idea can have lot to discover from.”

Question: Where do you find your all-time inspiration?

Tanuj Vijay:
“Well our all time inspiration comes from History and real life.

We are glad to bring some insights about Cosa Nostraa for you all. Do check their collection on their website and social media posts. Drop your reviews in the comment section below.

By Videsha


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