Meet Avin Tyagi- Mr Uttarakhand 2020 (1st runner up)

Avin Tyagi- Mr Uttarakhand 2020 (1st runner up)

Personification of charm and cuteness!!

Just like a guy next door, Avin Tyagi has that charm you can’t ignore. Read this interesting conversation with him to know more about this 19 year old yet mature emerging model.

Q: Firstly, congratulation for your achievement. Please tell us about yourself and your journey in and after Mr. Uttarakhand 2020 competition?

Hi! My name is Avin Tyagi. Modeling and acting are my priority but along with this I am pursuing Pharmacy from Graphic Era University. I have a great support from my family and enjoying the attention in my college after the competition.

Well talking about Mr. Uttarakhand 2020 competition, it was a learning phase for me. I always keep myself positive and understand the importance of learning new things. During this competition I have taken notes of my strength and areas where I have to improve myself. I have started working on those areas. 

Q: Do you always wanted to be a model? If yes, then would you like to share your future plans? Also, any special people you want to thank for supporting you?

Avin: Yes,
modeling is my gateway to my career in Acting. I always wanted to be a trend setting actor. Currently, my main aim is to improve myself and get better opportunities. I have couple of projects lined up.

I would take an immense pleasure to show my gratitude to my mentor, guide, and support person Mr. Gauraveshwar Singh. He is the one who is helping me to be a better version of myself. I am also thankful to Himalayan Buzz, my agency for giving me tremendous opportunities.

Q: So, let us talk about your fashion preference. One fashion trend you prefer the most and one fashion trend you prefer least?

Well this is tough for me because I believe there is always something new about fashion. I haven’t tried enough to set my preferences. But still if I have to say it then I prefer Suit outfit more and to your and everyone’s surprise I don’t prefer Kurta Pajamas much.

Q: In any field when we enter we always have someone in our mind. Icons, role models? Name them for you?

Well I have many people in my mind currently. Mr.Pankaj Tripathi and Mr.Nawazuddin Siddiqui are the one who top the list. One person whom I admire from my childhood is Mr. M.S. Dhoni.

Q: One Designer you would love to walk the ram for?

Currently, it is none other than Mr. Siddhartha Tytler. I would just love to walk the ram for him.

Q: Your words on gender neutral fashion trend? If given a chance would you try it?

I am in complete support for gender neutral fashion. Fashion for me is like love. Just like you can’t confine love with one person or thing. Similarly fashion for me can’t be confined to particular thing or gender. It might be possible that one fashion suits on one person but not on other person. Fashion is gender independent for me. Yes! If given a chance I would love to try such things. For this I have one name in mind “Mr. Ranveer Singh”. He is the one who inspire me for this.

Q: Your words for all the fresh faces who are waiting for their first achievement in this industry?

Avin: Stay Loyal to yourself!
Yes, do not jump in this industry just like this. Have a dedicated heart in your work. Do not give up on your learning part. Stay passionate!

Q: Now you have a scenario to think and then answer: ‘You look like a guy next door. Coincidently, you have to go on two ‘Dates’ on the same day. One is in the morning (Day time) and other in the night (say late evening). What will you chose as your outfit?

Well thank god I haven’t been into just scenario yet..but if such thing happens then I would prefer Denims with a high-neck during the day time and a semi suit style again with a high-neck during the night.. Well, along with the outfit I will make sure both the ‘Date’ places are very far from each other but convenient for both of us.

Q: Well on parting notes, I would like you to share one phrase or line you wish people should remember you with?

Avin: Avin Tyagi- A Pure Soul..

This was Avin Tyagi who is currently ready to fly high in his career and is very passionate about his dreams. Visit his profile, follow him on IG for his upcoming projects.

We at FashionVeda thank Avin for his time and we wish him all the best for his upcoming projects and life!

By Videsha

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