Tips to identify your Skin type!!

Tips to identify your Skin type

Before starting any skin care product irrespective it is chemical base or natural product you have to identify your skin type. This will not just help you in picking up the right product for your skin but will also help you keep your skin away from skin problems like rashes, acne and redness.

There are some tips by which you could identify your skin type easily and choose your skin routine accordingly:

Stand and have a close look in the mirror.

Normal Skin: The dream skin. Nothing extra, no too much of oil, dryness and the most important no too much of sensitivity. This skin is dream for all the people out there. So if you have a skin type which feels balanced in all the ways. Go flaunt it.

Oily Skin: Take a butter paper. Keep it on your T-Zone and press a little. If there are traces of oil on the paper then your skin type is said to be oily. This skin type is prone to acne and pimples. You need a skin care routine that can remove excess oil from your face and keep it away for a long time. Oily skin tends to have larger sebaceous glands that produce excess oil.

Dry Skin- If you see dry patches of skin on your face after washing or applying make and removing make-up then your skin type is dry. This skin type needs extra moisture and oil to prevent the skin from damage. It is also prone to premature aging.

Combination type: Your T-zone is oily and cheeks have patches of dry skin then your skin type is combination of both oily and dry skin. This is the most common skin type and needs to be taken care of on a regular basis. Pick something that has optimum of everything.

Sensitive Skin- You change your product or go got in the sun for a long time the first thing you see on your face or skin is red rashes. Then your skin is sensitive type. You need to take care of your skin a lot. No experiments and taking suggestions from all over the internet.

These are the 5 skin types in which you could find your skin type. Identify your skin type using the tips given above and tell us about your skin type in the comment section below.

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