Meet Khushi Ajwani - Miss Rajasthan 2020 Winner

Khushi Ajwani Miss Rajasthan 2020 Jaipur Fashion Veda

A perfect blend of beauty and brain with an attitude of go get it girl!

Miss Khushi Ajwani, a 20-year-old has won Miss Rajasthan 2020 pageant with flying colours. She is a psychology student and an independent woman. One moment she could be seated next to you having a cup of coffee with her friends and the next moment all by herself in her room dancing and enjoying her me time. Know more about this promising newcomer in the entertainment industry through this short interview. 

FashionVeda: Firstly, congratulation on your achievement. Please tell us about yourself? Who is Miss Khushi Ajwani in her daily life?

Hi! My name is Khushi Ajwani. I am from Mumbai. Well, as the name says, I am a very “khush” (Happy) person. I love my  “me time”. You can call me an introvert because I love being all by myself as this helps me more to explore about myself. I am a firm believer of “the more you know yourself, the more you vibe with different people”. Also, I am a student of psychology. Currently giving this interview with a book in my hand. 

FashionVeda: Do you always wanted to be a model? Tell us about your journey?

Well, all thanks to Miss World 2017, Miss Manushi Chhillar. When I saw her winning The Miss World 2017 pageant I was taken aback and decided to give it a try. Initially, it was all about learning about different pageants and their journey. Then gradually I developed an interest in it. Looking up to Mrs. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as the ionic role model I decided to get into the modeling world.

I got enrolled in The Tiara Pageant Training Studio and under the guidance of Ms. Ritika Ramtri, I was able to explore more about my personality. Now you can see with all the hard work and support I am here with the pageant of Miss Rajasthan 2020.

FashionVeda: What do you look forward to in your upcoming future?

I look forward to winning different pageants like Miss DIVA and Miss India in my upcoming future and on the other hand, I also look forward to my higher education. I am and will work hard to build my career in modeling and education simultaneously. 

FashionVeda: Are you working on some projects currently?

Yes, but due to Covid-19 the things are on hold.

FashionVeda: How was your journey in Miss Rajasthan 2020?

The first word which comes to my mind is “Enriching experience” and for this enriching experience I convey my sincere gratitude to Mr. Yogesh Mishra and Mrs. Nimisha Mishra of Fusion Group for giving me this platform.

As I said previously, I started my modeling journey to learn and explore myself more and the Miss Rajasthan 2020 journey gave me a life-changing experience. Today when I look at my crown I recall my entire journey, starting from the support I got from all my co-contestants, teaching from all the workshops, hard work during practice sessions, and lastly the enjoyment I had throughout the journey. I am thankful to one and all who helped me throughout this journey.

FashionVeda: Tell us what according to you is fashion? Your most favorite outfit and least favorite outfit? 

Well for me fashion is comfort and the way your carry yourself. Well, I prefer very simple outfits like jeans and tops. I somewhat avoid shimmer and shiny outfits.

FashionVeda: Being a psychology student and now wearing a crown with many responsibilities, what do you think should be your role in society?

I have been very passionate about mental health and now when my reach has increased with this pageant I will take this opportunity to spread more awareness about mental health among people. I was doing it before but now I am reachable to more audiences.

On the other hand, I want to inspire/influence people with my kind and good deeds especially girls. I want girls to look at me and say “If she can, then I can also do it.”

FashionVeda: Well on parting notes, I would like you to share one phrase or line you wish people should remember you with?

People should remember me (Khushi Ajwani) as “The power is within you”.   

So, Khushi Ajwani is currently ready to fly high in her career and is very passionate about her dreams. Visit her profile, follow her on IG for her upcoming projects.

We at FashionVeda thank Khushi for her time and we wish her all the best for her upcoming projects and life!

By Videsha

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