Dr. Ayush Sehgal - Mr. Uttarakhand 2021

Dr. Ayush Sehgal  Mr. Uttarakhand 2021

Exclusive interview with Mr. Uttarakhand 2021-  Ayush Sehgal

Doctor by profession and Model by heart wins the pageant of Mr. Uttarakhand 2021!

Mr. Ayush Seghal is a full-time doctor and serving our nation as a front line worrier in this pandemic. He is a budding model from Dehradun who is working day in and day out to live his dream. Read and know more about him in this exclusive interview.

Q: Firstly, congratulation on your win. Please tell us about yourself and your journey in and after Mr. Uttarakhand 2021 competition?

Thank you so much for congratulating me. Well, I was born and brought up in a small town in Uttarakhand. I had a very keen interest in medicine and decided to make it my career. While looking at different models and people walking down the ramp I always wonder if I could walk down the ramp someday. So you can say a seed to be a model was planted in me long back. 

Until Mr. Uttarakhand 2021 competition, I was a doctor with a model-like personality. After my MBBS I finally decided to give modeling a try. I got enrolled in Himalayan Buzz and under the guidance of Mr. Gauraveshwar and the Himalayan Buzz team I was able to learn more things about myself. I was introduced to the modeling world and now you can see with all the guidance and hard work I am growing. After the competition, things have got more intense in terms of work and time management but I am good at balancing between my responsibilities and dream.  

Q: Tell our readers about your journey in Mr. Uttarakhand 2021?

Well it was a Journey for Life. Starting from being a contestant to a finalist, from an aspirant to a doctor (for a while), and finally Mr. Uttarakhand 2021. This journey helped me to carve myself as a model and work more on myself to achieve more. I would take immense pleasure to show my gratitude to my mentor, guide, and support person Mr. Gauraveshwar Singh. He is the one who is helping me to be a better version of myself. I am also thankful to Himalayan Buzz, my agency for giving me tremendous opportunities.

Q: What mixed reactions did Mr. Ayush Sehgal and Dr. Sehgal received after the competition? Is the celebration still on?

Firstly my family members were shocked and happy at the same time which doubled my happiness. My friends and colleagues started congratulating me from the very next moment. My major shock was when I was called “Hey Mr. Uttarakhand please have a look at the patient” in the hospital in front of my patients. I felt shy and proud at the same time.

Yes, the celebration is still on and I guess it will go on for a long time.  

Q: Being a model was your childhood dream, so do you have a list of people to work with or walk and share the ramp?

Well honestly it is a long list (laughing) but talking about the next step then I would love to work with Ms. Laxmi Rana and Mr. Rohit Khandelwal. I would love to walk the ramp for Prasad Bidapa. I also bonded well with Mr. Abhishek Kapoor one of the judges for the grand finale.   

Q: So, when are we going to see you on different platforms and what sort of work are you looking forward to?

Well, due to this pandemic things are on hold but in meantime, I am working on myself and fulfilling my duty as a doctor. I would prefer to work on short projects because I have to fulfill my responsibilities as a doctor too.

Q: Tell our readers who do you managed between a role of a doctor and a model on the ramp?

Well no doubt it was a very tiring thing but I remain dedicated and fully focused. I knew my doctor duty was for the people and modeling career for me. This phase of my life also helped me to sharp my time management skill. I have worked 24 hours as a doctor and model so by this I can say that both my roles are very near to my heart.  

Q: So, let us talk about your fashion preference. One fashion trend you prefer the most and one fashion trend you prefer least?

Fashion for me is something that is comfortable and pleasant. I prefer the blazer style the most and avoid very loud and bright colors.  

Q: Now I have a scenario for you, suppose you have just finished your doctor’s duty, and by the time you left the hospital you realize you are already late for your date. Your date is your long-lost crush. What will you do next? 

Well that’s quite a scenario, personally I don’t like being late for anything so I would prefer to get to the date venue as soon as possible and let my personality say it all. Later I would definitely make up for being late with another date (laughing). 

Q: Well on parting notes, I would like you to share one phrase or line you wish people should remember you with?

Ayush: A Dreamer Busy Fulfilling His Dream - Dr. Ayush Sehgal

This was Dr. Ayush Sehgal who is currently serving the nation as a doctor and all set to start his career in the modeling world. To know more about him follow him on IG.

We at FashionVeda thank Ayush for his time and we wish him all the best for his upcoming projects and life!

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  1. Ayush Sehgal you are a deadliest combo of a doctor+model.A man who knows how to serve the humanity with following his passion as well

  2. Tough role on both sides with ease style..tough to handle but the way you go "hats off champ