Shalini Dobhal - Miss Uttarakhand 2021

Exclusive Interview With Shalini Dobhal- Miss Uttarakhand 2021

Exclusive Interview With Shalini Dobhal- Miss Uttarakhand 2021

An Engineer, An UPSC Aspirant, and now a Model!

Miss Shalini Dobhal has won Miss Uttarakhand 2021 pageant with flying colors. She is an electrical engineer and a UPSC aspirant. Along with Miss Uttarakhand 2021, she also added Miss. Talented title to her basket. Know more about this promising newcomer in the glamor world through this short interview. 

FashionVeda: Firstly, congratulation on your achievement. Please tell us about yourself? Who is Miss Shalini Dobhal in her daily life?

Well, on one hand, Shalini is someone who is very serious and dedicated to her work and career, whereas, on another hand, Shalini is considered as the “life of party”. I am a nature lover and love to have some time for myself in nature where I can self-introspect and work on myself to grow as an individual. I like taking my decisions and stand on them. I believe if we dream something then we should work on it until we get it fulfilled.      

FashionVeda: Do you always wanted to be a model? Tell us about your journey?

Well, I am a person who loves to try new things and give all to that one thing. As a child when I use to see people walking down the ramp, I just wanted to try it for once in my life. I thought this will help me to know more about myself. Even during my college days, I use to try different things and work on myself a lot. Maybe this was the reason I decided to give it a try.

I got myself enrolled in Himalayan Buzz and under the guidance of
Mr. Gauraveshwar Sing and team I was able to groom myself. He is not just a mentor but a very kind-hearted person.   

FashionVeda: What do you look forward to in your upcoming future? Are you working on some projects currently?

I have currently different shoots lined up but due to this pandemic and my UPSC preparation the things are on hold. Once this lockdown and pandemic are under control I will be managing both, my shoots and career altogether.

Well, currently I am in my learning phase and planning for some projects to get a hold on.

FashionVeda: Tell our readers how do you manage your UPSC preparation and shoots or modeling projects?

I won’t lie, it is very tough to manage both of them together. It is my dedication towards both, my preparation and modeling career to do great in both. You know UPSC preparation is a long process so I divide my time well. I also do overtime and complete my shoot to get back to my studies fast.

At times I do feel like my studies are getting affected but then I self-introspect and get myself back on track. I believe my patience and time management skills are a product of my continuous meditation.

FashionVeda: Tell us what according to you is fashion? Your most favorite outfit and least favorite outfit? 

Well for me fashion is something which is comfortable and stylish. I believe wearing comfortable clothes boost your confidence and stylish clothes helps you to stay away from pajamas during party time (laughing).

One fashion statement I like the most is “Indian Outfits” though I am still exploring and learning about different clothes and styling tips I believe Indian outfits suit me the best. Whereas, I somewhat avoid very relieving clothes.

FashionVeda: With whom would you like to share the ramp or with next?

There are so many people I would love to work and walk the ramp with but for now I would love to work and learn from Ms. Laxmi Rana, Ms. Shashikala, and Ms. Sonalika Sahay. All of them inspire me the most.

FashionVeda: Now we have a scenario-based question for you. Suppose you have been invited to two different parties. One is your friends’ (college) get-together and another party is where people from the modeling industry are present. The twist is, you don’t have time to change your outfit. So tell our readers what will be your outfit for both parties?   

Well honestly I am still working on my outfits. I have always been a very easy-to-go type of person. Hmm… for my friends’ reunion I will go with a crop top with straight pants and for another party, I will add a blazer and a clutch to my previous outfit.

FashionVeda: What is the secret behind your confidence, elegance, and charm? Any message for young girls out there?  

Well, I can’t say it is a secret. I believe if you know who you are and what you need in your life you get that confidence. As I said before, I love to explore myself, give myself time and improve myself, I guess that is the reason behind my confidence, elegance, and charm. I am a firm believer in self-love and self-competition so I just love to work on myself. In addition to this I give attention to even the smallest thing in the room. 

For all the people out there I would only say never compare yourself with someone, you are unique and only believe in self-improvement. Learn what is right and wrong for you, through your experiences. Never fall victim to self-doubt.

FashionVeda: Well on parting notes, I would like you to share one phrase or line you wish people should remember you with?

People should remember me (Shalini Dobhal) as “The Positive Rebellious Person”.   

It was an interesting conversation with Miss. Shalini Dobhal. Along with a promising UPSC aspirant and a model, she is also a kind-hearted human being.

We at FashionVeda thank Shalini for her time and we wish her all the best for her upcoming projects and life!

- By Videsha

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