Tutorial #1: Applying base makeup

Tutorial #1: Applying base makeup

We can never deny the power of makeup. “Tutorial” is the series we at FashionVeda bring for you to ease your makeup struggle. In this tutorial, we will discuss some basic steps on how to apply the base make to get a natural glow in within no time.

Get , Set,Go!!!!

Step 1:
Wash your face with normal. Not too cold or hot. Use your regular face-wash to get rid of extra oil and dust. This will help your skin absorb your makeup properly.

Step 2:
Moisturize your face. I personally use aleo vera base gel to moisture my facial skin. This heals my skin and adds a natural shine to it.

Step 3:
  After moisturizer, you can also add primer to your skin. The presence of primer increases the duration of the make-up on your skin.

Step 4:
  Apply the foundation after your moisturizer and primer is set on your skin. Make sure you apply the foundation with a tapping effect so that you don’t take off your moisturizer and primer. Always use a foundation that goes along with your skin colour. P.S. do not forget to apply your foundation on your neck region.

Step 5:
Concealing your dark circles. We all have some or the other problematic area on our face. My problematic areas are some acne dark spots and light-dark circles. Concealing helps your skin to look more toned and appealing.

Step 6:
BCH altogether. B-Blush ; C-Contour ; H-Highlight are three steps in one. BCH takes your makeup game a step ahead. Highlighting the main areas on your face will definitely get you more compliments. Blend your contour patiently so that it is not too much everywhere. Do not forget blush is always applied before the highlighter. Avoid using powdered blush on a liquid foundation. P.S. you can skip blush if you know you are about to meet your crush.

And done!
Your facial base make up is done. Let me know in the comment section if you liked it. Tutorial #2 is all about Eye Make-Up.


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