Tutorial #2: Face touchup and Base Eye Makeup.

Tutorial #2: Face touchup and Base Eye Makeup

We can never deny the power of makeup. “Tutorial” is the series we at FashionVeda bring for you to ease your make up struggle. In this tutorial we will discuss some basic steps about how to apply the base eye make.

In our previous “Tutorial #1” we did our base makeup. Now it’s time we do our face touchup and move towards base eye makeup.

Get, Set, Go!

Step 1: Final face touch-up with compact powder. This will help in even toning of your face.

Step 2: Prepare your eye for the base make-up with the primer. P.s. If you have already applied primer on your lids then you can directly start with the next step.

Step 3: Starting from Eyelid to crease. Use lighter colors from your palette for eyelid. Trace the brow bone and make the lid colour look more prominent.

Step 4: When you reach your crease you can go ahead with the bright colour from your palette. This part helps you show your eye shape.

Step 5: Blend, Blend, and Blend. Now, this is going to take time but girl once this blending is done properly you get those flawless sharp eye look.

Step 6: Heyy… Do not forget “KAJAL”

And done!
Your simple base eye makeup is done. For more such “Tutorials” please share your experience in the comment section below.


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