Tutorial #3: Perfect Pout

Tutorial #3: Perfect Pout

So now we have reached Tutorial 3. If you haven’t read tutorial 1 and tutorial 2, I would suggest please go and read them in my blog list. Tutorial 3 is about simple basic lip makeup. You have covered basic base facial make and to-the-point eye makeup. It’s time we move towards our lips. Remember lip make is one of the most difficult tasks. Let’s start:

Treating lips with lip balm and primer: Just like you applied primer before facial makeup and eye makeup you should apply a simple lip primer before applying lip colour. You can also use lip balm. This keeps your lips hydrated and smooth. Let primer or lip balm settle. P.S. Do not overdo it. More primer or lip balm will make it tough for the lip makeup to stay for a longer period. I personally love this step because this helps in hiding all the fine lines on my lips and plumps my lips. 

Applying lip liner: Though lip pencil liners are very useful. They prevent the lipstick colour from bleeding. They are also used to make your lips look smaller or fuller. For fuller lips apply the liner outside the natural lip line and for a smaller look trace your lip line from inside. Don’t forget to cover the outer line of your lips in the foundation. P.S. emphasize on the color of the liner and your lipstick so that they do not mismatch. I personally love lip liners because they give a more sharp look to my lips.

Lipstick step: So finally the show stopper “The Lipstick”. Fill your soft baby lips with your favorite lipstick color. P.S. Use lipstick with some extra moisture if your lips dry faster. I personally apply lipstick with a lip brush, this helps me ensure an accurate application of lipstick.

(Extra care tip: Your lipstick will look smooth only if there is no dry or dead skin on your lips. Before your make-up while you clean your face pay close attention to your lips. Exfoliate them well and remove all the dry flaky skin from your lips. My personal favorite is sugar and honey-based lip scrub)

Now you are all set for all the perfect photos. Just remember to recoat your lipstick whenever needed.

Let us know in the comment section below what you think about this tutorial and your experience after you follow all the steps.

By Videsha

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