Subodh Uniyal - Mr. Uttarakhand 2020

Subodh Uniyal - Mr. Uttarakhand 2020

Meet Subodh Uniyal - Mr. Uttarakhand 2020

A mechanical engineer turned MODEL!

Subodh Uniyal is a budding model from Uttarakhand. He won the Mr. Uttarakhand 2020 award and started his journey in the modeling world. Read and know more about him through this interactive interview.

FashionVeda: I congratulate you on your pageant and wish you more such pageants in the upcoming future. So, tell our readers about Subodh, How is he as a person?    

Subodh: Greetings to all the readers of FashionVeda. My name is Subodh Uniyal. I have been born and brought up in Dehradun, Uttarakhand. Did my schooling from here itself. I am currently in my final year of engineering and pursuing an internship in digital marketing. I belong to a joint family. I am a learner by heart and love to explore new places.

FashionVeda: Do you always wanted to be a model?    

Subodh: Well as long as I could remember, I had always been fascinated with the way all the models and fashion designers express themselves. With this fantasy, I graduated started to dream about being a model. So YES! I always wanted to be a model.

FashionVeda: Since, when did your modeling journey start? What all projects have you worked on and working upon?       

Subodh: As I said before, I always wanted to be a model and express myself, so I have been following a lot of people and looking for various opportunities. My first modeling assignment was in the year 2019 but my actual journey began after I won the Mr. Uttarakhand 2020 pageant.

I have worked in various commercials and did shoots for local brands in Uttarakhand and Delhi. Currently, there are number of shoots and projects lined up but due to the Covid-19 situation and guidelines from the government, all the work is on hold. Once the situation is improved everyone will be back to work.

FashionVeda: It has been a while that you have been a part of the modeling world, have you faced any challenges or hurdles?    

Subodh: Honestly in this, I have been very lucky. All my family members and friends are very supportive. I got the right agency Himalayan Buzz and the right mentor, Mr. Gauraveshwar Singh, at the right time in my journey. The only hurdle I could say I faced was the initial growth in the industry, but as we know “well begun is half done” so I stayed dedicated and grounded through all the phases of my journey. 

FashionVeda: What is your take on gender-neutral fashion? Will you accept a project on the same?    

Subodh: Well for me it is all in our head that skirt-top is girlswear and jeans-shirt is boyswear. Look into our history or traditional culture the design of all the male dresses resembles some of the other female dresses. Thus, I support it and would love to try a project on the same.

FashionVeda: How do you like to spend your day when you have no traveling plans, no shoots, no projects going?     

Subodh: I am a final year engineering (mechanical) student. Currently, though I am doing my internship in the digital marketing field, I am a quick learner and love to travel. If I have time, then I love to invest it in hiking, reading, cooking, gardening and unlearning the things which have changed with time. I firmly believe that the more you are aware of things the more you understand yourself and push your limits.

FashionVeda: What are your suggestions to all the young models?    

Subodh: I might not be the right person for suggesting something as I am still growing and learning in this industry but yes I would love to tell all the newcomers that they should be passionate about their dream. They should believe in themself and stay truthful to themselves. Everyone should take their training period very seriously even after the training.

FashionVeda: Now comes the scenario question: So imagine your photographer is not properly directing you due to which you are getting late for your date where you were about to propose your girl. How will you handle such a situation?    

Subodh: Ahmm… Well that’s a tricky scenario but with no second thought I would complete my work but in between, I will ask my girl to wait for me because it is going to be a memorable day for both of us. I believe if she is the one then she will understand my dedication towards my work and will stay or figure out some other way that is comfortable for both of us.

FashionVeda: Well on parting notes, I would like you to share one phrase or line you wish people should remember you with?    

Subodh:  I love my work and I wish people should remember me through my work so for me it will be - “Ek Kalakar” - Subodh Uniyal.

Subodh Uniyal is working hard to achieve his dream of becoming a model. We at FashionVeda wish him all the best for his upcoming projects and life. 

- By Videsha

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