Exclusive Interview of Starlife Mr. India 2021 - Mr. Kaushik Ram

Exclusive Interview of Starlife Mr. India 2021 - Mr. Kaushik Ram

Hailing from Chennai, Kaushik Ram has worked hard to transform his life where he can enjoy success in the form of applauding from the audience and winning his first pageant in his first attempt.

Read more about this very promising newcomer in the modeling field through this interview.

FashionVeda: Heartiest congratulations to you on your pageant. How do you feel?

Thank you so much! Well, the very first thing I had in mind was that yes, I made everyone proud. Starting from my parents to family and friends everyone who supported me in the journey. To be honest just before the final round I had some negative thoughts about what if I am not the one? But just before the final announcement the audience started shouting my number. That particular moment was so magical and memorable for me that I don’t have words to explain it.     

If I see my pageant journey then yes I gave my best to taste this success. I know that I can proudly say that
I am Mr. India 2021.

Along with this, I was also awarded the
Mr. Tamil Nadu title which was again a blissful moment for me. Thus in the end I can say that I had the most memorable time in my life.

FashionVeda: How was your journey in the pageant and let us more about the pageant?

Okay so for this I have an adventurous story for you! The final 5 days competition was in Agra. I belong to Chennai. There is no direct flight from Chennai to Agra currently. So, I took a flight with a layover in Bangalore. After I reached Agra I was informed about an unavoidable situation due to which I will receive my luggage after 2 to 3 working days. At that particular moment, all I had was a pair of nightwear and my traveling clothes. I was so tired after such a long journey that all I wanted to do was freshen up and take a quick nap.

I gathered all my courage and decided to get myself some survival clothes and start my journey in the pageant.

One of the most blissful moments was when I realized that until my introduction, I was the guy who lost his luggage but after my introduction I was Kaushik. After that, all I could think was
whatever happens in your life happen for some reason. Despite all the troubles, my courage helped me stand out in the crowd.

Starlife production conducted this pageant. Initially, it was conducted across India and different participants were selected. The final 5 days competition was in Agra. Starting from the introduction round to talent, fitness, and question-answer round. All the participants were groomed and then observed. During these five days, all we could do was be ourselves and be confident.

In addition to this, I also had an exam during these five days. I took special permissions and gave my exam and got back on stage with full confidence.

FashionVeda: For you, we can say one thing “All’s well if all ends well”. So Kaushik you said you had an exam? What are you pursuing? Tell our readers about yourself, your career, your background.

Thank you so much! I am a final-year law student from Chennai. All my family members are lawyers. So, I always wanted to be a lawyer. I wanted to be in this profession but I also found my interest in dancing. I am a trained dancer and I have performed in various theaters and dance shows. I was fortunate enough to even won some of them. Along with dancing, I am a trained martial arts student and a passionate boxer.

I was always an artist but the factors like discipline, molarity, and confidence in me came from the law background. While I was digging my passion in the entertainment industry and acted in several music albums. Later, I started searching about fashion and beauty pageants and got enrolled myself in Starlife Beauty Pageant. I worked harder and with more dedication. I wanted to improve and increase the width of my horizon. 

FashionVeda: Do you always wanted to be a model or enter the entertainment industry?

Kaushik: YES!
With no second thoughts, I always wanted to enter this industry and earn my name but my priority was to be a lawyer first. To be a lawyer as I stated before I needed to be more disciplined and focus on details. These qualities I believe always made me stand out in a crowd.   

FashionVeda: What do you think is one thing which is important while you are there on the stage?

Kaushik: Presence of mind,
I believe that one should enjoy his or her presence on the stage and connect with the audience. You could be confident but if your mind is wandering somewhere else then there are chances you might fail to impress the judges or even enjoy the moment.

The most important factor for me on the stage is
“I owe this place”.

FashionVeda: We know and understand that a journey like this is not just a solo journey. Please take a moment and name all the people you wish to show your gratitude to.

Kaushik: Indeed!
I have so many people to name but above all my supportive family and friends are the ones who never left my side. Starting from my loving parents to the rest of the family was so supportive during the journey and so proud when I won the pageant that I can’t describe it in words. Neha Ramakrishnan was the only family who could travel to Agra and support me on the finale from my side.

I would like to specifically mention
Mrs. Shweta Singh Choudhary. She was like an angel to me when I was so disappointed due to my luggage issue. She was our mentor and groomer in the event but her constant support made my journey a blissful one. In continuation to this, I would also mention Mr. Khizar Hussain, the show director for his exceptional support and guidance. All this was not at all possible without Mr. Hemant Garg and his entire team of STARLIFE. An exceptional person with a vibrant team.  

FashionVeda: You source of inspiration are?

As I mentioned earlier I belong to a family full of lawyers but the best part is my father is my source of inspiration. He can surprise you with a lot of things. On one hand, he could be a serious and dedicated lawyer whereas, on the other hand, he could be cracking jokes and entertaining the gathering. Since childhood, he is my source of inspiration. He has always amazed me with his personality. I always wonder and try to be like him.

In the field of cinema and entertainment,
Dr. Kamal Hassan’s name is the first I can think of. He is a very important person to me when it comes to cinema. I look forward to people like Thalapathy Vijay, Vijay Sethupathi, Robert Downey Jr, Robert de Niro, and Michael Jackson. Being a boxer I can’t forget to mention Bruce Lee and Muhammad Ali.

FashionVeda: Now to make the interview a little tricky you need to rearrange the given names in order of fitness. Where first being the fittest. Sara Ali Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Disha Patni, Malaika Arora, Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone.

Well this is a tough one but I have a very simple answer for this. I firmly believe that we all work and build ourselves according to our requirements. If I arrange these divas then I might judge their capabilities, which I can’t. So for this tricky question, my answer is: With due respect, I would love to keep them all on the same scale.  

FashionVeda: Okay Kaushik, now we have an interesting scenario-based question for you. All you need to do is listen to the question, imagine, and then answer. “You have signed an assignment but due to some management issues your previous costumes are to be changed and the new one is not very comfortable. Your co-star is okay with the change but you think it is not something in your comfort zone. You have no time to raise an issue. What will you do to handle such a situation?

Well we all know life is very unpredictable. One should always be an active learner and need to make decisions. If such a situation arises in front of me, my foremost step would be to inform the team. Then I would look for my willingness to push my comfort zone. Generally, I am a person who will push my limits and go for it even if the odds are not in my favor. I will only back off if I have to compromise with my molars. Rest I will inform the team and give my best to complete my assigned task.  

FashionVeda: Well on parting notes, I would like you to share one phrase or line you wish people should remember you with?

I am a person who firmly believes in “Darker the darkness, brighter the light”. Thus I would love to associate the word HOPE with my name.

This was Kaushik Ram - The Starlife Mr. India 2021. A person with high molars but a very pleasant personality. I had a lovely time taking this interview. Follow him on Instagram:
 We at FashionVeda once again congratulate you and wish you all the best for your upcoming achievements in life.

- By Videsha

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