In conversation with Kushagra Nautiyal

In conversation with Kushagra Nautiyal - Siddharth from Kumkum Bhagya

In conversation with Kushagra Nautiyal - Siddharth from Kumkum Bhagya

Roots from Uttarakhand and upbringing in Delhi, Kushagra Nautiyal kicked start his acting career with India’s most popular entertainment channel Zee TV’s popular show Kumkum Bhagya.

During an interview with Kushagra, we have asked about his career aspirations, his feelings about his new journey, fashion preference, and some interesting questions. Rol down and know more about Kushagra urf Siddharth from Kumkum Bhagya.

FashionVeda: Heartiest congratulation Kushagra for your debut in such a popular show. How does it feel? The zeal to join the show? Tell our readers about your journey till now.  

Kushagra: Thank you so much! Well, I feel blessed and excited at the same time. I am from Delhi with roots from Uttarakhand. I am from a very simple family but I always had a passion for modeling and the entertainment industry.

Before making acting my passion I was a singer and music composer. I use to direct music videos, shoot and edit them. I have been a part of various music bands and albums.

Gradually I realized I should head towards the modeling field. I did my research work and investing in myself. I had to be fit physically, emotionally, and prepared emotionally. Initially, I did some commercial shoots for brands like V-Mart and Images Bazar, etc.

Went for various auditions and then finally one fine day “A got a call from Kumkum Bhagya for the role of Siddharth.” I was extremely happy.

FashionVeda: So Kushagra could you tell us how Kushagra and Siddharth are different?  

Kushagra: To your surprise, they both are not very different. Approximately 50 to 60 % of the characteristics of Kushagra and Siddharth are similar. Both are simple and down-to-earth. Thinking good for everyone.

If I specifically focus on the differences then I can say I am more of a naughty guy in my real life. I like having fun with my friends and family. I am a guitarist and into making music. Whereas, Siddharth being an elder brother is very calm and sophisticated.

So yes both my real and reel lives are different yet I enjoy both of them. Well, I receive love from both ends.

FashionVeda: We understand that reaching a platform like Kumkum Bhagya is not a single man’s journey. There must be people who helped you. Please take a moment and shower all your gratitude.

The foremost are my parents and family. As I said earlier I belong to a very simple family. No one from my family is in the entertainment industry. Still, I have received tremendous support from my family and friends.

Trust me when I say, I was about to join the star cast I had a little fear of acceptance but all my co-stars starting from Shriti Jha, Shabir Ahluwalia, Pooja Banerjee each and everyone was so supportive and acceptable that I never felt like a newcomer.

This all was not possible if
Ekta ma’am was not there. She trusted me with it and I have to prove her right.

FashionVeda: Who are your role models?  

Kushagra: EVERYONE! I mean it when I say this. I am a keen and continuous learner. I am not among those people who look up to only a few people for inspiration. I look up to everyone and try to learn new things from individuals. I am a very steady and detail-oriented person.

Be it singing, modeling, or acting I observe and learn from all the people surrounding me.

FashionVeda: So what changes have you felt in your lifestyle and mindset after joining such a bigger platform?  

Kushagra: The very first thing I realized was that ‘There is so much to learn and to be done.’ I felt like now my journey has actually begun. You know there is that thing we call “learning from other’s experiences”, after joining a pool of experienced people I felt like now I will be able to groom myself, my career in a better direction. I continuously think I have been more blessed now.

Talking about lifestyle changes then I guess I am still the same. The biggest difference is I am being loved even more nowadays. 

FashionVeda: Kushagra you being a role model for a lot of people out there especially all the budding actors who are still waiting for their lucky day. Any special words for them?   

Kushagra: The foremost thing is Consistency and then a clear vision. Both of them can lead you to success in any field. Consistency keeps a record of your growth and vision keeps you on track. So I guess this is what everyone should focus on while working hard for his or her dream.

FashionVeda: Talking about fashion, what is your take on gender-neutral fashion?  

Kushagra: My take on this is very positive. At times when my sister or female friends bring some nice bags of accessories, I feel why do boys don’t have such options? Having a unisex fashion statement is all that we need nowadays. So yes I am comfortable with the new gender-neutral fashion trend.

FashionVeda: Well said so what are your general fashion preferences?   

Kushagra: I am a very simple person by nature but when it comes to my wardrobe I can proudly say that I have a colorful wardrobe. If I compare it with my sister’s wardrobe I am the one who has more colors.  Starting from pink to different shades of black, blue, yellow, you name it I will have it in there.

Talking about my general preference: I like to go with a simple t-shirt paired with denim and a slim-fit shirt.  For the foot, it is white casual shoes. I am a bit resistant to unfit clothes.

FashionVeda: Now I have a hypothetical question for you. It is more of a situational question where you need to think about yourself in the given situation and then answer accordingly. One fine day you get up and realize it is 20 years down the lane. Suddenly. You have no clue what all you have done but people out there know you like a big star. How will you take the fame and react in such a situation?   

Kushagra: Well I would like to mention that I love getting involved in time travel stuff. So this is an interesting question for me. So if someday this happens to me then I will do one thing at the very moment. I will take my laptop with me, close myself in my room for a couple of hours. Google “who is Kushagra Nautiyal?” and read everything I have done so far to get this love and fame.

After I am done with my research I will get up, dress well and go out to meet my people as I do now. I always feel I am blessed to have so much love in my life so yes I will always keep myself grounded. 

FashionVeda: Well said Kushagra and with this, we have reached the end of our interview. On parting notes, I would like you to share a word or phrase which you want people should always associate with your name?   

Kushagra: The only phrase I could say right now is: Impossible is possible, you have to chase it and believe it. 

This was all about Kushagra Nautiyal, your beloved Siddharth from Kumkum Bhagya. To know more about him follow him on Instagram:

We at FashionVeda wish him all the best for his upcoming life.

- By Videsha

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