Interview With Chirag Mehta - Mr. Delhi 2018

Chirag Mehta - Mr. Delhi 2018

Mr. Chirag Mehta is a person with extreme dedication and a helpful personality. He can amaze you with his looks and great communication skills. Read more about him through this exclusive interview with FashionVeda.

FashionVeda: Hi! Congratulations on your win...Though it has been a long time ago, I am sure the memories are still fresh, so please share your experience of your pageant time?   How was your experience during the pageant?

Mr. Chirag Mehta: Indeed! All the experiences and the memories are still fresh with me. I have been blessed with this pageant after a long journey. Starting from nine days of grooming classes to making friends, everything was very wonderful. One thing which I think worked best for me was my past stage experiences. During my college days and corporate events, I have been on stage to show my talent, anchoring and even walking down the ramp. All these past experiences helped me fight my stage fear easily during the pageant and focus on my confidence and style.      


FashionVeda: Tell our reader about your personality? Your career?

Chirag: Well I am a regular guy who is obsessed with fitness and continues learning. I am a corporate guy and love working. I have been into sports since my college days.


FashionVeda: Did you always wanted to be a model? Or was there a time when things turned around?

Chirag: I always wanted to be on the stage and when I took all the initiatives then I was applauded. This continuous applauding made me confident enough to get into the Mr. Delhi 2018 pageant.

In other words, When I am on the stage I make sure I make myself believe that I owe this place.


FashionVeda: There must be some people you wish to thank in your entire journey to date?

Chirag:  Indeed, I have many, starting from lovely friends to caring parents. I have a great support system. I am also very grateful to all my supportive audience. Every time I have been on stage, their applaudings have boosted my confidence to the next level. Lastly, I am also influenced by Mango Scavo.


FashionVeda: You said you were overweight and underconfident? Brief your journey for our reader to be like the current confident Chirag Mehta?

Chirag: Well I would like to answer this in other words. I have been a continuous learner and always worked to improve myself. Back in my school days when I was bullied, I took it as a challenge to improve myself. Having said this I always wanted to be a confident guy, who when speaks, everyone should start listening to him. I started to work on myself. My zeal to become better helped me become this confident Chirag Mehta from an underconfident Chirag.  


FashionVeda: What are your fashion preferences? Most preferred and least preferred?

Chirag: TBH! I love experimenting with my looks because I have built my attitude in such a way that I believe I will look great in whatever I wear. Thus, I don't have any fashion preferences. I love to dress according to the occasion and my mood.   


FashionVeda: Any special men grooming tips for all the people looking at you? Do you eat nutritiously?

Chirag: I would like to answer first about my diet. I have personally worked and observed a lot of myths about fitness and diet. I do believe what we eat appears on our body but the question is do we know what to eat? Some say “khaana mat khaao mote nhi hoge” ; “no sweets = no weight gain” and many more. The truth is everybody needs different nutrition to keep their body fit. A rich carbohydrate diet without proper exercise will eventually make you gain weight whereas a protein sufficient diet with some exercise will keep you healthy.

In my case, I take a calculated amount of all the nutritions. I exercise four to five days a week and stick to my diet regime. With time I have understood one thing, with time when you start noticing change you start enjoying your routine.

Now coming back to the first part i.e., grooming tips. Nowadays the myth has finally broken about men’s grooming. Men also need to take care of their skin, hair, physical appearance and whatnot. First thing is to know your skin type and choose a product according to it. Half of the men out there keep wondering about their skin type and choose the wrong product which harms them. So starting from your scalp hair to your facial hair, from your face to skin you should be alert and take care.

These things are common but one thing which we often forget while taking care of our physical appearance is how to present ourselves, how to communicate. I have seen people with amazing appearances with zero communication skills. So yes one should always know what to speak, how to speak and the most important where to speak.

P.S. never forget to wear a pleasant fragrance.           


FashionVeda: Your words for the budding models?

Chirag: Well as I said earlier I am a learner and love to improve myself. This is what I would tell all the people out there through this interview. I would love to see people working to themselves to be a better version. This will not just help only one to evolve but your surroundings will also improve.

One more thing: If ever you think the other person is better than you then always remember he/she is a better hard-worker than you. So never settle with just one thing. Keep learning and improving.


FashionVeda: Your current and upcoming projects? Are there any types of modeling you wish to avoid?

Chirag: I had a number of projects which came to a halt due to the covid-19 situation. Currently, I am preparing myself for the Mr. India campaign in which I have already cleared the state audition.

As I said I am a person who loves to try new things and expand my horizon but I also have some personal choices. As a modeling assignment, I choose not to go ahead with bold content.   


FashionVeda: In your previous answers you said you are a fitness freak. We have some real fitness inspirations in our Bollywood industry. Rate from top to bottom in fitness: Hrithik Roshan, Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, Vidyut Jammwal, Siddharth Malhotra, Vicky Kaushal.

Chirag: With no second thoughts first is Vidyut Jammawal followed by Hrithik Roshan and Akshay Kumar. Then the list goes as Varun Dhawan, Vicky Kaushal, Siddharth Malhotra and last but not least Anil Kapoor.    


FashionVeda: Now the most interesting question: The scenario question: Suppose you went to get a portfolio shoot done for your new assignment. But the photographer is taking too much time and you need to run for your ongoing site work. What will you do in such a scenario?

Chirag: Well no doubt this is an interesting scenario to think about. The first thing I will do is build communication with the photographer so that we could connect with each other. Then if such a situation arises then I will surely convince him to wind it up with all his efforts because it is very important for me to complete my other commitments.

To this, I would also like to add that building a connection with people is my X-Factor so where ever I go I try to get connected with people easily.


FashionVeda: Well on parting notes, I would like you to share one phrase or line you wish people should remember you with?

Chirag: The Sky is not the limit, but your mind”. - Chirag Mehta

It was a pleasure interacting with Chirag and we at FashionVeda appreciate his work. We look forward to all his upcoming work and wish him a lot of success. You can follow him on IG and also connect to him for your personal diet plan.

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- By Videsha

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