Interview with Mrs. Rajasthan 2018 - Ms. Nitya Tanwar

Mrs. Rajasthan 2018 - Ms. Nitya Tanwar

Strating from Mrs. Beautiful to Mrs. Confident, Mrs. Rajasthan, and Mrs. India. The gorgeous Nitya Tanwar has all the titles to her credit. Her journey inspires Generation Z to veterans. NIFT alumni, Nitya’s voyage to success has been rocky yet successful. She’s a terrific anchor, runs two NGOs, and spreads awareness against the menace of child labor. Besides, Ms. Tanwar is into spirituality, a Pranic healing master, tarot card reader, practices coffee cup reading, and many more. Moreover, a full-time woman activist and entrepreneur. Now more about her through this exclusive interview.


FashionVeda: How would you describe your own personality?

Ms. Nitya Tanwar: Well describing my personality is very easy. I am a simple person by nature and love helping others. My belief in life is hard work, dream big, and achieve it.


FashionVeda: Who is the most influential person in your life? Why?

Ms. Nitya Tanwar: Well, to be very honest, “Myself”. Since childhood, I have gone through a lot, and in life, I have learned so many lessons from my mistakes and sometimes lessons from people who turned back on me at various times.


FashionVeda: Please list your all pageants and achievements?

Ms. Nitya Tanwar: I believe there is a lot more to cover in life but for now, I am

● A pranic healing trainer practicing for the last 8 years.

● A Tarot card reader, coffee cup reader, and tea leaf reader practicing for last 8 years as reader.nitya.

● The owner of a meditation and healing center with the name Antarman.

● A social worker. I own my two NGOs also by the name of "Antarman man ki aawaz and young helper where I help all needy people and work for women empowerment.

● With the help of the almighty and my loved ones, I have been awarded various pageants:

Mrs. Rajasthan 2018

Mrs. confident 2018

Mrs. India 2018

Mrs. Beautifull 2018

Worked with many brands and in many shows.

● An entrepreneur and owner of Flavours of handi restaurant.

● Head stylist and make-up artist.

● A motivational speaker.

And doing modicare from last 24 months and I am the senior executive director.



FashionVeda: Rate in order of priority the three qualities that every woman must possess.

Ms. Nitya Tanwar: All the women out there are so dynamic that defining any three qualities is very hard but the most important qualities a woman should possess to be successful are:

Dream big

Help others




FashionVeda: Which beauty queen inspires you the most? Why?

Ms. Nitya Tanwar: Non-other than, Ms. Shushmita sen. She is such a beautiful soul inside-out. Her simplicity and ground-to-earth nature win hearts. She is an inspiration for many females.


FashionVeda: If god will grant you one wish, what would you ask for?

Ms. Nitya Tanwar: The only wish I would ask is: May God bless every human with lots of abundance prosperity good luck success and a beautiful soul ❤.


FashionVeda: If you were to give one bit of advice to the youth today, what would it be?

Ms. Nitya Tanwar: Well, these days the youth is so well versed and understanding that giving them advice every time is not much required. But being a responsible person I would only say that, Life is not that easy but if you want to make it easy so just be your self..

I believe a person can go a long way in his\her career if they are being themselves.


FashionVeda: Rate in order of personal preference, the three qualities that you admire in a man.

Ms. Nitya Tanwar: With no second thoughts:

Understanding most important these days

Care for family 👪

Lastly, but the most important is respect for female


FashionVeda: Who do you think is the sexiest man alive today?

Ms. Nitya Tanwar: ROBERT PATTINSON (any doubts? ;-) )


FashionVeda: Hardwork is..

Ms. Nitya Tanwar: Your own reflection…


FashionVeda: Well on parting notes, I would like you to share one phrase or line you wish people should remember you with?

Ms. Nitya Tanwar: Beautiful soul ❤


This was Ms. Nitya Tanwar and we at FashionVeda wish her all the best for her career and life. We also salute her for her incredible journey. Follow her on Instagram and know her more. She is personified example of: A woman can do anything she wants or wishes for. 

- By Videsha

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