Exclusive Interview: Vaibhav Wamane: StarLife Mr. Maharashtra 2021

Exclusive Interview: Vaibhav Wamane: StarLife Mr. Maharashtra 2021

Vaibhav Wamane recently won the Starlife Mr. Maharashtra 2021 pageant with a dislocated shoulder. Know more about this promising newcomer through this exclusive interview with FashionVeda.

FashionVeda: Heartiest congratulation Vaibhav for your first pageant of Mr. Maharashtra 2021. Tell us about your journey and how do you feel right now? Winning this pageant and starting your career in the modeling world?

Vaibhav: Thank you so much for your kind words. I planned this journey to be a bit different, but it turned out to be an adventure for me. From August 1 to August 5, 2021, all the participants were made to stay in Agra for the final competition. On August 2, 2021, we had a photoshoot. It all went shooting but somehow while I was swimming I dislocated my shoulder. I was taken to the hospital and took complete rest for a day. At that particular moment, I felt so down that I have no words to explain it. On August 4, I gather all my courage and decided to give my best. During the finale that was on August 5. I decided to take off my bandage and go give my best on the stage.

I gave no thought to winning or losing, I only focused on being the best version of myself.

When my name was announced I could not believe it. I was so carried away with the excitement and happiness that I forgot for a moment what has to be done next.

FashionVeda: Vaibhav brief our readers about who is Vaibhav?  

Vaibhav: I am a mechanical engineer on the academic part. I  am from Pune and belong to a simple family. Just like any other guy during my start teen years I was a skinny guy with low confidence and trouble with the right career path.

After high school, I got involved in gyming and physical training. It took me more than a couple of years to get into proper shape and confident about myself. Meanwhile, I fought depression and low self-esteem.   

If I look back then I can proudly say, I came a long way. I am proud of myself that I made everyone around me proud.

FashionVeda: We understand that such journeys are not easy and are incomplete with a strong support system. Would you like to name some special people who made your journey a memorable one?  

Vaibhav: With no second thoughts My Family. They have been a great support system. Then coming to all my friends, Yashodhan Joshi, Hrushikesh Mahurkar, Unni Kuttan, Robie Wood, and Kunal Thokale. These are my pillars and I always feel blessed to get them in my life.

Then coming to the professional world I would like to thank the entire team of Starlife production. Constant guidance from all the experienced people is one of my keys to success.

FashionVeda: Do you always wanted to be a model?  

Vaibhav: Trust me when I say this, I was all blank in regarding my career path until my early teen years. Then gradually I shifted my focus to self-development and physical fitness. It is after then I started to get compliments for my looks and advice to join the modeling industry. In addition to this, I am a gold medalist in martial arts.  

After this pageant, I can confidently say I am now looking for my name in the modeling industry.

FashionVeda: So Vaibhav what are your future plans now?

Vaibhav: Well I am open to all opportunities which are coming or going to come my way. I will make sure I get through this and earn my name in the entertainment industry.

FashionVeda: Let us now talk about your fashion preferences. Vaibhav to be more specific tell our audience what will you like to wear for a get-together party with your friends and an evening date?   

Vaibhav: Fashion for me is being myself. Something in which we are comfortable. Thus, to answer your question:

For a get-together with friends, I would like to wear something casual like a simple t-shirt denim jacket, and jeans. For foot, I will go for white sneakers.

Whereas, for an evening date I would prefer a semi-formal outfit.

FashionVeda: As you stated before you started working on your fitness after high school. What is that one key you think kept you motivated about the same? Some people lose hope very early when working on fitness.   

Vaibhav: Your question has my answer. HOPE and Patience are my keys to a better physical appearance. As I said earlier I was a very skinny guy with low self-esteem and low confidence. When I started my gyming journey I had no clue about how to perform exercises and stay fit. I would like to mention that it is not just about the gym but also your mindset and diet plans. Whatever you eat will show on your body but that doesn’t mean you stop eating. You only have to learn how to rip off that extra weight. After a couple of years, I started to notice positive changes in myself.

So patience and trust in oneself are a must for anyone.

FashionVeda: Well Vaibhav what do you think the judges were looking for in a candidate to give away the title?  

Vaibhav: What I think is there was not just one thing. We were under constant observation during all 5 days. Starting from our arrival to the finale we were bring judged and groomed altogether. From dressing to punctuality, from improving to networking everything we did add points to our final judgment. So, I guess we should focus on the overall development and networking part when in a pageant. This was my first pageant so I tried my best to observe everything happening around me.

FashionVeda: So now we have a situational question for you. Listen, imagine, and then answer. Suppose you have a commercial shoot and a blind date on the same day. Due to some technical issues, your shoot is taking longer to wrap up. Due to this, you are getting late for your other commitment. How will you handle both ends?   

Vaibhav: Thank you for such a scenario. I am glad nothing like this has happened to me until now. If I imagine myself in such a scenario then the foremost thing I will do is ask about the tentative time by which I can expect a wrap-up. If it is taking longer then I will ask my date for an apology and promise her to make it up for this inconvenience later. I like keeping my priorities straight. In this scenario, my priority is my work so I will stick by my work and complete my commitment. 

FashionVeda: Bring this to our end of the interview. On parting notes, share one phrase or word you want people to associate with your name?  

Vaibhav: A phrase in which I believe is: Have trust in yourself, even if you feel low remember you have dreams to fulfill.

This was all about Vaibhav Wamane who recently won the Starlife Mr. Maharashtra 2021 title and is now all set to get started with his journey in the modeling field. We at FashionVeda wish him all the best for his future endeavors. Follow him on Instagram to know more about him:

- By Videsha

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