Dr. Abhijit Mhatre in Conversation with FashionVeda

Dr. Abhijit Mhatre in Conversation with FashionVeda

“I believe a person with profound knowledge of some domain is the most prominent resource person for all the people in need”, says Model/Actor Abhijit Mhatre in conversation with FashionVeda. Besides being a model and an actor, Abhijit Mhatre (AM) is a celebrity Nutritionist and a Lifestyle Designer. He is an extremely educated person in all the fields in which he works. Know more about him and his journey through this interview.

FashionVeda: Hey Abhijit! It is a pleasure talking to you. Please brief our readers about yourself and your profession.

Hello Readers! My name is Abhijit Mhatre. I am a qualified Nutritionist and a  lifestyle designer. The reason I say all this is, I have a Ph.D. degree in food and nutrition along with more than 10  certifications in fitness including yoga science. This makes me a better fit for the people who are looking for someone to guide them toward a healthy lifestyle. I am also a qualified psychotherapist to help you in stress management. Last but not least I am also a certified image consultant and color & wardrobe consultant to give a complete personality makeover.

By profession, I am a model and an actor as well but I want people to get to know me more as the best lifestyle counsellor in India. As a model, I have done various ramps-runways and editorial shoots for ace designers of India. Many assignments and projects starting from a few short films, music albums,  commercial shoots to winning one of the most popular internet models in India. Being a model I have enjoyed a lot of things but still, for this interview, I am highly inclined as a scientific counselor and Nutritionist.

FashionVeda: Thank you Abhijit for introducing yourself to our readers. Tell our readers what should they look for when selecting a specialist or a counselor?

The foremost thing is to visit their profile. In the profile look for their qualification and then go for client reviews. One should always focus on their needs for example if you need ṭo get a correction in your diet plan go for a nutritionist or a dietician who has proper academic degrees and qualifications, and experience. Lastly, do not get fooled by glamorous advertisements or promotions.

FashionVeda: Well said Abhijit. Now let us talk more about your profession. If we talk about your role as a Nutritionist then please throw light on the average Indian diet. We are often told to add oil (Ghee) to our daily diet. Would you recommend this on a daily basis or how will you structure the carbohydrates in an Indian daily diet?

(Before answering any such general question I would like to mention that all my suggestions are for people who have no medical conditions.)

So answering your question, cutting fat from your diet completely is not appropriate. Consuming fat in a controlled amount is what your body needs. We often hear about adding oil (Ghee) in our diet from elders but the fact is previously the purity of this ghee was high. The addition of preservatives and processing of all the food items makes them heavy for our body to digest. Secondly, if you don’t have much physical work then cutting out some carbohydrates from your diet can help. I believe we should know how to shred weight, not what we eat.

FashionVeda: Are diets recommending fat-free and low-fat dairy products out of date? Please detail your thoughts on it.

Again the hypothesis remains the same. If you are a healthy person and there are no underlying health issues then whatever you eat will get digested by your body. Nowadays, people prefer low-fat dairy products due to low metabolism and I would never recommend someone to go for a complete fat-free diet. 

FashionVeda: In addition to the above question there is a myth about pure vegetarians having a deficiency of protein in them. Could you throw light on how pure vegetarian people can take daily doses of protein naturally?

Somewhere if we compare the amount of protein in a pure vegetarian diet and a non-vegetarian diet then the amount of direct protein intake in a vegetarian diet is less but that doesn’t make it a protein less diet. All we have to do is eat a calculative amount of all the nutritions. If I suggest you add products like moth beans, soya beans, and green peas in your diet then your protein intake for a day is covered.

FashionVeda: Thank you so much for your informative inputs. So Abhijit you also work on enhancing the lifestyle of your clients. What is your take on issues like weight acceptance and lack of body positivity?

Indeed Videsha! Weight acceptance and lack of body positivity is an issue with all the genders. I had and have many people coming to me for this very issue. This is more prominent in females due to a lot of social media influence. Experiences like bullying, body shaming, eve-teasing and mis-leading body structure makes people wonder about the question “WHY ME?”. This “why me” keeps us wondering about what is perfect. A zero size figure with no strength to fight is useless. A six pack abs with weak immune system is again of no use. So one thing I like to mention to all the readers, “Focus on being fit and healthy. We all have different lifestyles and needs so copying someone is not your path. Make your path and follow.”

FashionVeda: Absolutely correct Abhijit! Now let us talk about what your suggestions are for people who are facing a lot of psychological issues due to this pandemic.

Humans are social animals. We have to have communication and interactions. If we don’t have communication and social interactions then we will face some or the other issues. This could be seen nowadays, people are facing anxiety and lack of social interaction due to which they are facing FOMO, fear of missing out. So I guess we have to work on seeing the brighter side. We have to push ourselves and work for a better tomorrow. We need to keep moving and grooving so that the negative thoughts do not overcome us. “Explore yourself”.

FashionVeda: Okay Abhijit you are into so many things. Now you have to choose one celebrity from Bollywood to have a conversation on the following:

Mental Health


Fitness: Hrithik Roshan
Mental Health: Rani Mukherjee
Hygiene: Sonam Kapoor
Transformation: Hrithik Roshan
Fashion: Priyanka Chopra

FashionVeda: Abhijit you had and have so many elite customers. How do you handle customers who are not willing to accept their flaws?

I believe when people are coming to me for some service then they know that they need it but still if there is someone who is not accepting what I am diagnosing then I have simple approaches towards them.

→ I give them simple physical challenges so that they can self-check their endeavors.

→ When the service is related to fashion or grooming I give them some outfits to check out and let them see what happens when they step out of their comfort zone.

After all, when they can see the change themself they automatically change their thought process.

FashionVeda: Well of part notes; please share a phrase or word which you wish to be associated with your name forever.

I believe that should be:

Abhijit Mhatre - The Best Transformation Specialist in India

This was all about Abhijit Mhatre. He is well educated to educate you about your body and help you in getting what suits you the best. Starting from outer appearance to spiritual healing you get all services under one roof. He has a simple approach but if you are dedicated enough the results will stay with you life long. For more visit his website https://amfitness.in/ and Instagram profile.

- By Videsha 

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