In Conversation with VLCC Femina Miss. Himachal Pradesh 2020 - Miss. Titiksha Taggar

In Conversation with VLCC Femina Miss. Himachal Pradesh 2020 - Miss. Titiksha Taggar

VLCC Femina Miss Himachal Pradesh in an interview with FashionVeda tell us all about her pageant journey and upcoming opportunities. From being a girl with no aspirations to work in the showbiz to being a pageant titleholder. She has an incredible journey in which she groomed herself to be a better version of herself.

Let us know more about this Himachal girl through this small interview.

FashionVeda: Heartiest congratulations for such a pleasant journey starting from campus princess to VLCC Femina Miss. Himachal Pradesh. We are thrilled to have this interview with such a young and wonderful talent like you. 

Titiksha: Thank you so much. I appreciate all your kind words. Even I am excited about this interactive interview.

FashionVeda: How would you describe your personality?

Titiksha: A simple girl with big dreams and the courage to pursue them.
To put it in another way, I firmly believe that courage to do something makes you a stronger person. I keep pushing myself to learn more and be a better version of myself.

FashionVeda: Who is the most influential person in your life? and why?

Non-other than MY FATHER. My father has always been my support system and a constant motivator who pushes me to be a better version of myself in all the fields of life. He is a retired army officer, passionate about learning new things, and faces all challenges with his rock-solid personality. He always teaches me to work harder and be focused. He is the one who offers me the sky to fly but at the same time keeps me grounded. 

FashionVeda: Rate in order of priority the three qualities that every woman must possess.

Firstly Self confidence, then Financial Stability, and last but not least Good Will. I guess a woman with these three qualities is all set to rule the world out there. Confidence gives you immense power to pursue your dreams. Financial stability nowadays is a must and goodwill is something all humans should have.   

FashionVeda: Rate in order of personal preference, the three qualities that you admire in a man.

Well according to me a loyal man with a good sense of humor, and a hard-working attitude is admirable.

FashionVeda: If you were to give one bit of advice to the youth today, what would it be?

Titiksha: Networking is a new Wealth.
I am from a very simple background. When I entered this modeling world I had no connections. I was fortunate enough to get mentors like Sana Ma’am. Opportunities like campus princess and VLCC Miss India were only possible because I have been trained with the most honorable mentors.

Along with a strong network, one should always show gratitude towards all those people who made your journey a successful journey.

FashionVeda: Tell us what according to you is fashion?  

Titiksha: Fashion for me is the perfect way to express yourself. For example, if I have a day off and I am all by myself in my house then there is nothing more comfortable than my PJs. On the other hand, if I want to feel all glamorous then I will dress up like that.  

FashionVeda: What is your take on gender-neutral fashion and make-up?

Being a fashion student myself, I just love how society is becoming more accepting of people and letting them be themselves. Gender-neutral fashion is absolutely gorgeous and the role it plays in breaking societal stereotypes is imperative.   

FashionVeda: What are your biggest achievements until now?

To be very honest I don’t think I have done much. I am still pushing my capabilities and horizon to achieve more. Still, the most satisfying thing for me is knowing that My Parents are Proud of Me. 

FashionVeda: Your plans for the next 5 years?

Titiksha: My plan is definitely to be successful, defying all odds.
We are well aware of the negative impact the entertainment industry faced due to the Covid-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown. I am still a newcomer in this industry. I have a couple of projects in the pipeline. I am also available for shoots and long-term commitments. Along with this I am also working to improve myself positively. 

FashionVeda: Now we have a scenario-based question for you. Suppose you are at an airport leaving for the Maldives but suddenly someone notices and recognize you. He/She comes up to you and offers you a project which has to start within a couple of days. What will be your reaction and what will you do next?

Well that could be a surprising and a happy moment for me. As I am at the airport I will try to convince the person and talk about the dates. Jokes apart, if there are no negotiations to be made I will grab the opportunity. I am a person who likes to live with no regrets. I have my priorities straight, never miss an opportunity. I can go on a vacation after the project is over.

FashionVeda: Well on parting notes, I would like you to share one phrase or line you wish people should remember you with?

Well if people should remember me then they should member me as “A woman who left a legacy. A Legacy in terms of humanity, business and of goodwill”. 

So this was all about VLCC Femina Miss India Himachal Pradesh Ms. Titiksha Taggar. She is very down-to-earth and committed to her future. Follow her on Instagram to know more about her and her upcoming projects.

We at FashionVeda wish her all the best for her future endeavors.

- By Videsha

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