Exclusive Interview of Mr. North India 2021 - Yuvraj Datta.

Exclusive Interview of Mr. North India 2021 - Yuvraj Datta.

Hailing from Dehradun, Mr. Yuvraj Datta is a businessman and a budding model. Recently he has been crowned as Mr. North India 2021 hosted by Himalayan Buzz. Yuvraj is all set to start his journey in the modeling world with various shoots and modeling assignments. Know this young talent through this exclusive interview with FashionVeda.

FashionVeda: Heartiest Congratulation Yuvraj for being Mr. North India 2021. How does it feel?

Thank you so much Videsha. It feels great and I believe my hard work has paid me.

FashionVeda: Please tell our readers who is Yuvraj Datta? Your background and whereabouts. 

Well Videsha I am from a business background and did my education in the same. My roots are from Dehradun but down the lane, I had always admired being into modeling at least try and give it a shot. I am from a simple family where no one is in the modeling or entertainment industry and I always had a thing about business so initially I took up business as my passion. By nature, I believe I am a very down-to-earth and a reserved person. I strongly believe in constant improvement and learning new things.

FashionVeda: So Yuvraj as you said you belong to a business background. How did you start your modeling journey?

Indeed I belong to the business world but just like those simple guys I always wanted to try modeling. Initially, I had no idea where and how to start. While suffering internet one day I came across Himalayan Buzz Mr. Uttarakhand Pageant. I went through it and decided to at least give it a try. I asked few people to join in with me but there was no such great support. Nevertheless, I still decided to give it a try and won the 1st runner-up title.

At that very moment, I decided to take this further. I know the area where I can improve and I started my improvement journey.

I took Laxmi Rana Ma’am boot champ, did my research work, and enrolled myself in workshops. After constant hard work and dedication when I started seeing changes I decided to go for the Mr. North India pageant hosted by Himalayan Buss again.
Rest I guess my title says it.

FashionVeda: Indeed Yuvraj. You had and will have an amazing journey now. So Yuvraj tell us what was your takeaway from both the pageants?

My first pageant was my first step to live my long-awaited dream. I had no clue what and how things work in this model or pageant world. I just wanted to try. When I won my title as the 1st runner up I asked myself one question. Why I was not the winner? I introspected myself and realized my areas where I can improve.

During my second pageant journey I knew, I am prepared well but still, after looking at different participants I realized I can improve even more. In addition to this, unlike my first pageant in my second pageant, I wanted to win it.

To sum up I would say the major takeaway from both of my journeys is that
‘One can keep improving in life’.

FashionVeda: Now how are you planning to take the journey ahead?

Well I wish to take the journey as it comes to me. As I said before I am a very reserved person and a person who loves to explore new things. Currently, I am having some shoots and assignments in the pipeline. I am open to opportunities and work collaborations.

I wish to take my modeling career to such heights where people can say even a simple businessman can handle the title of a
supermodel with all the charm.

FashionVeda: A Journey like this is incomplete without some people. Would you name a few and thank them?

I have so many people to thank but to be very specific I will start from my parents with them I would have never been so positive about myself. Talking about people from the modeling industry then the foremost name is Gauraveshwar Singh followed by Abhishek Sir and Laxmi Rana Ma’am.

Most of all - I want to thank me for believing in me, for constantly working hard, for trying just one more time, for not letting doubts take over, for not quitting.

I believe many people can inspire you, but at the end of the day - it’s you who has put in the work.

FashionVeda: Share your secret behind your fitness and such a classy groomed look? 

Well there is no secret behind it. I regularly exercise and keep myself hydrated. I have always been a lean person and was into sports from my school days. I am a bit lucky that I don’t put on weight easily.

For the grooming part, I do my regular skincare routine. I eat healthy and keep myself hydrated enough. Rest I thank God and Good Genes. (Laughing (:-)))

FashionVeda: That is what we call being honest. Well, now we have a quick rapid-fire for you. If given a chance to work under a big banner then you have to choose one Bollywood celeb for the following plot.

1.    Fitness                 

2.    Romance

3.    Sports

4.    Patriotic

5.    Family

6.    Friendship

7.    Fashion

Yuvraj:       Fitness - Akshay Kumar

Romance - None other than King Khan (Shah Rukh Khan)     

Sports - Farhan Akhtar

Patriotic - Akshay Kumar

Family - Abhishek Bachchan

Friendship - Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan

Fashion - Ranveer Singh

FashionVeda: Well answered! This brings us to our next question. As you have mentioned Ranveer Singh for Fashion. He is among those celebs who have taken gender-neutral fashion to the very next level. In the same line if you are given the following outfits for a shoot. Tell us if you will try it or not.

1.    Jeans + Crop Top

2.    Heels + Gown

3.    Skirt + T-shirt

4.    Shinny bright colour outfit

Yuvraj: I will go along with Jeans + Crop top and Skirt + T-shirt. Can’t try heels + Gown and am a little hesitant about the shiny bright colour outfit. In addition to this, I would like to mention that I am someone who will push his limits to explore more about myself.

FashionVeda: In the same line, Yuvraj if given a chance would you like to work for an OTT platform or a big-screen project? And why?  

Well if I talk concerning current situations I will go for the OTT platform. The reason is very simple. People nowadays are addicted to Netflix and Chill. Secondly, all the OTT platforms are giving chances to young and new talent to show their work under different banners. So for me for now it will be the OTT platform.

FashionVeda: Well on parting notes, I would like you to share one phrase or line you wish people should remember you with?

I take this opportunity to share my dream. It should be:

Yuvraj Datta - The Super Model

Dear readers this was all about Mr. North India - Mr. Yuvraj Datta. We at FashionVeda wish him a great career ahead. To know more about him, follow him on Instagram: 

- By Videsha 

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