Exclusive Interview of Ms. Jenisha Sharon Jha - Mrs. India 2021

Exclusive Interview of  Ms. Jenisha Sharon Jha - Mrs. India 2021

“I believe when things change they always change for the better.” says Jenisha in a conversation with FashionVeda. Starting from being a small town girl to winning the MRS. INDIA 2021 pageant, Ms. Jenisha Sharon is a role model for all the females who wish to pursue their dream. Know about Jenisha through this interview with FashionVeda.

FashionVeda: Hello Jenisha! Heartiest congratulations to you.

Hello Videsha! Thank you so much means a lot.

FashionVeda:So Jenisha tell our readers about yourself and your whereabouts?

Hello Videsha and lovely readers! I am Jenisha Sharon. I am from Kanyakumari, the southernmost tip of India. I am a small town girl. I have been an academic topper throughout my life. Trust me when being an entrepreneur was my farest dream. I was all happy doing managerial work and freelancing for different companies but after my marriage, I took a maternity break. I wanted to live and enjoy my motherhood.

After my baby boy was a year old I realized I needed to start working again. I attended different interviews and during one fine interview I met a very decent man. He suggested that I should start something of my own. I was all confused and surprised.

I took his words as a sign of direction towards a better tomorrow. His guidance made me think and now look at me. I am not just a good boss but also a dedicated mother.

FashionVeda:So Jenisha, how did you start your journey of being an entrepreneur?

I remember five years ago, in January 2017 when I completed my fashion designing courses and all, my father just randomly registered a company Jeni’s Fashion Boutique under my name. I never gave a thought about it until then. I used it to build my online store. I initially became a trader. 

One day one of my customers pushed me to design an outfit for her. At that stage I was at my budding stage and I said a yes to it. I had no idea how things would go. I just took all the requirements from the client, went to the market and brought the stuff. I designed it and sat with my local tailor to get it done precisely. The client loved it and spread the word around. Things started rolling and my identity started changing from an employee to an employer.

“Videsha I believe if we stick to something and pour our heart into it, we will surely achieve it.”

FashionVeda: Indeed Jenisha! For me I guess you are an inspiration. So Jenisha from a fashion designer, how did you enter modeling? You wanted to try modeling or there is another story behind it?

No, I had no plans to enter modeling. One day we were having a shoot for my catalog and one model was missing. We had to get it done but there was no one available. So the photographer suggested that “Jenisha you be the model for the shoot.” Due to lack of time and a tight schedule I did it. This was my first time in front of the camera but the love and appreciation I received were overwhelming. I was still not into it but down the lane no one knew what would happen.

One day in the year 2019 I came across a pageant hosted by a Chennai Organization. I thought “why not push my limits?” I went to the pageant, participated, and did my part. I had a learning experience.

“The one thing I learned during this part of my journey is that you have to create your own identity.” 

FashionVeda: So Jenisha, tell us more about your recent pageant. Your Mrs. India 2021 pageant.

This pageant was hosted by Madarase Group. This pageant for me was important because I put up all my hard work and dedication to win it. So when I was crowned as Mrs. India 2021 I was over the seventh sky. This journey was a blissful journey for me and I just loved it.

During this pageant I learned one thing, “Good things take time but if you are true to yourself you will get the best things for yourself.”

FashionVeda: Jenisha please list your achievements and awards.

In my achievement basket I have:
Founder of my own online design studio.
Outstanding Entrepreneur award at SIWAA'19 & SIWAA '20
Ms. Queen Fasio 4.0 (title winner)
Ms. Congeniality
Best designer award
Best model 2020 award (FB event)
Featured in "25 EMERGING ENTREPRENEURS IN INDIA " in a National magazine (Twell)
The real Super Woman 2020 (FSIA)
Mrs. Tamizhagam 2021 Finalist
Mrs. India 2021 (Madarase title winner)
Mrs. Cat walk 2021
Mrs. Fashion Icon 2021

FashionVeda: What is your one piece of advice for all the youngsters who are entering this modeling and fashion world? 

All I can say is start as a part-timer. The reason I say this is I have seen a lot of people getting into it and the pressure, the struggle breaks them and in the end, they have nothing to do. We know how hard the failures can be but if you start this modeling and fashion work as a part-time job you know you have something to fall back on. So one piece of advice for everyone is “take baby steps.”

FashionVeda: Jenisha what is the secret behind your fitness and glowing skin?

Well the answer is simple, my daily routine. I strongly believe our daily routine makes us what we are. For me, my daily routine includes; me time, detoxification time, exercise time, my son’s time, my all work time, my spiritual time, and my self-care time. I guess the secret is I strictly follow it. I make sure I pamper myself, I give myself breaks and foremost I love myself. 

FashionVeda: What do you think are the three qualities that every woman must possess?

Jenisha: Foremost is Confidence, followed by being organized, and lastly learn to say NO.
I strongly believe that each woman should possess these three qualities.

FashionVeda: So Jenisha, which beauty queen inspires you the most? 

Jenisha: Priyanka Chopra,
I just simply adore her as a person. Not just in her profession but also in her life she is a queen.

FashionVeda: Now quickly you have to name one celebrity to have a conversation on the following topics:

Balance between the reel and real-life

Entrepreneurship: Ms. Poornima Indrajith
Fashion: Manish Malhotra
Acting: Priyanka Chopra 
Fitness: Shilpa Shetty
Balance between the reel and real-life: Late Jayalalitha, the former CM of Tamil Nadu

FashionVeda: Well of part notes; please share a phrase or word which you wish to be associated with your name forever.

I believe that should be:

Jenisha Sharon - Transformation of a Coal to a Diamond

It’s hard for me (Videsha) to pin Ms. Jenisha Sharon under one particular profession so I take this opportunity to state her as an inspiration. One minute she is all motherly love and the next minute she is all workaholic and designing the best outfit for her customers. She can walk down the ramp as if she owns the place. Clearly, she's a lady on a mission. Follow her on Instagram: 

- By Videsha 

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