Skin and Hair Care Tips #1

Skin and Hair Care Tips #1

Hello Everyone!! We all love to take care of ourselves. From Food to exercise we do it all to take care of our external and internal body. We know what ever we eat shows up on our skin but we can’t neglect the care our skin and hair needs from outside. So here are some easy tips for both men and women which they could follow for a better skin and hair.

·        Avoid sleeping with make-up: Back home form a long party or had long day at office. Remove your make-up and also clean it when you reach home. It’s an ancient believe that our skin heals during night and sleeping with make-up could cause you some acne or dry skin issues. This could be easier for you if you keep a make-up remover or a deep cleaner inside you bedside table. No need to get out of your bed. Just apply, clean and sleep.

·        Beauty Sleep: Yes!!! Along with sleeping beauty, sleeping handsome is also important. Complete your sleep before starting your day. If you had a long week then take the weekends off pamper yourself with some extra sleep. Good sleeps helps in healing of skin and hair, and also help you stay in good mood.

·        Avoid Bleach: Alert!!! If you use bleach on your face then start saying a no or avoiding it as much as you can. Bleach damages your skin and could cause rashes if used regularly.

·        Protein in and out: Hair growth increase with intake of high protein diet but a high protein hair mask could also fix outside damage instantly. Apply a egg base hair mask in your hair and enjoy its instant results.

·        Avoid Heat: If you curl or straight your hair on a regular basis with no or minimum care then avoid it. Constant heating your hair damages them the most. You lose their natural shine and smoothness.


I hope you remember and follow these simple tips for a better skin and hair. Do let us know about your caring tips and I will bring up one more post on the same with some new simple and easy tips for both men and women. After all everyone should care.

- By Videsha

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