Meet Dharam Savlani - Mr India 2019

Meet Dharam Savlani - Mr India 2019

“ …To all the aspiring models I advice them to never give up ” says 2019 Mr India Dharam Savlani

Dharam’s dream to become a model was never cakewalk. He worked very hard to be where he is now. After winning the pageant in Gujrat Dharam lost 10 Kgs to participate in Mr. India in his Ahmedabad auditions. Dharam is straightforward and has a positive attitude. Model works hard everyday spending  two to three hours in the gym for the killer physique and eats a low carb high protein diet. Model says it hasn’t been a moonwalk. It was hard training and focusing on diet and not earning enough in his starting years which was worrying to his family and himself being from a middle class family. He is a man of his actions.

FashionVeda: Hi Dharam! How are you? Please tell our readers about yourself and how things are going currently for you with respect to career and lifestyle?

Dharam: Hey Videsha! I am absolutely fit and fine. Life has been a rollercoaster ride into the wild and woods through the light and darkness. Currently, Things are going really great (touchwood).

I’m totally loving the ups and downs with God’s Grace and hard work. Have worked for so many big brands so I feel grateful and blessed.

FashionVeda: Please shed some light on how you invest in yourself to be an inspiring model? Do you always wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry?

Dharam: Well, I am a dedicated hard working person. So I invest in myself wisely, starting from managing finance to taking care of my family and me. I strongly believe that one can do wonders if he/she sticks to their goals.

Talking about choosing modelling as a career I have completed my graduation but modelling is the first and last option for me and it is my passion. From convincing my family to constantly motivating myself I have come far from where I started. 

FashionVeda: So Dharam what do you think are your X Factors which make you an outstanding and lovable model?

Dharam: According to me a model is someone who knows how to communicate well and constantly improve themself and frame a good personality. I guess the X factor in my case is I have all the mentioned above qualities in me. I do believe in self praising but in my case things got stamped with my pageants and work-life.

FashionVeda: Please list your achievements in the field of modeling and the entertainment industry?

In my achievement basket I have the following achievements:

Mr India 2019
Mr Gujarat 2016
Mr Ahmedabad 2016
One web series
One Gujarati Movie (Lead Role)
A few album songs
And more than thousands campaign shoots.

FashionVeda: You have judged different pageants. What do you think is the one quality which makes a participant stand out in the crowd?

The foremost is Self-Confidence. That reflects on your face and in your walk.

FashionVeda: Brief us about what is fashion to you?

Well, fashion for me is just like food. Like we don;’t and should not stick to one menu similarly we should not stick to one fashion statement. In addition to this, fashion is not just about clothes, it is more about how well you carry yourself. 

FashionVeda: You have successfully completed different types of assignments and collaborations till date. Do you have some preferences when signing an assignment or work?

Yes, I never take an assignment that does not allow me to grow in my field. I always do quality work.

FashionVeda: Well heading toward the last question of this interview. I would like you to share one phrase or line you wish people should remember you with?

I never lose, I either wins or I learn ✌️ 
This was all about Mr India 2019, Mr Dharam Savlani. He is a passionate model and is dedicated towards his goal. We at FashionVeda wish him all the best for his future.

- By Videsha 

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