Ethnic Wear – An Insight from Amisha Rajput.

Ethnic Wear – An Insight from Amisha Rajput

“Live life king size” - says Amisha Rajput in her recent interview with FashionVeda.

Amisha Rajput is among our talented youth of the nation. She is the former Miss North India 2018. Currently, she is exploring her career in the modelling industry. Recently she looked absolutely stunning in her ethnic and indo-western photo shoot. Amisha Rajput was kind enough to share her views with FashionVeda in this interesting interview.

FashionVeda: Amisha firstly congratulation on your pageant and such amazing recent assignments. Tell us more about the same?

Amisha: Thank you so much Videsha for your kind words. For me, this pageant for a dream turned into reality. During my college and school days, I have always been the “too skinny girl”. There was a time when I was a victim of body shaming but when I entered the modelling industry I understood the importance of self-love. Miss North India 2018 was my first pageant and winning it boosted my confidence to the very next level. By God Grace, I have been getting some assignments lately which keep me occupied.

FashionVeda: Amisha, you looked gorgeous in your recent photoshoot where you wore ethnic and indo-western outfits. What is your personal perception about ethnic wear?

Amisha: Thank you so much Videsha for your kind words. I come from a rajput background and for me ethnic wear is directly connected to royal prestige. From my childhood I admire the various descriptions of queens in our Indian culture. All that pride and beautiful jewels they carried with such comfort. Even today when I watch some movie based on Indian History I admire how different kings and Queens of India dressed.

FashionVeda: …...and what is your perception about indo-western style?

Amisha: It's very obvious, in our generation wearing the entire ethnic outfit gets a bit tricky. So I love the blend of some western style in it. I only appreciate when both of them blend properly and equally. For example pant saree, in pant saree you need not to drape the entire saree. Just wear pants and take your pallu on your shoulder. For me it is a blessing in disguise for all those who can't drape the entire saree.

FashionVeda: Amisha you said you admire both (enthnic and into-ethnic) outfits. Let us have a rapid fire round with you. I will mention some occasions and let me know which outfit would you go for?


Office festival gathering

House warming party

Bride’s mate

Amisha: Diwali: Sharara + Short Kurti + Simple Accessories

Office festival gathering: Crop Top + Long Pants + Designer coat (embodies)

House Warming Party: Crop top + Bell Bottoms 

Bride’s Mate: Something in Achkan Style

FashionVeda: Share some tips for our readers on how to carry ethnic wear elegantly?

Amisha: Elegant look is a direct show of how confident you are with yourself. So my  tips on this are:

First, be confident in what you are wearing.

Second, know your comfort zone.

Third, learn how to carry it. For this you can watch some youtube videos or just simply search it on the internet.

Fourth, pick your colour wisely.

Last but not the least, stay authentic.

FashionVeda: Amisha what do you think is the fine line between vulgarity and authenticity?

Amisha: One word for this is “Acceptance”. I strongly believe a person can be authentic only when they know themselves. Whereas vulgarity is something which I guess people do in order to please other people. That is where people cross that fine line between authentic and vulgarity.

FashionVeda: Well said Amisha! Your words seem so original and appropriate. Well not parting notes I would like you to share one line or phrase by which you want people to always remember you.

Amisha: Amisha Rajput - A confident girl turning into Queen.  

- By Videsha 


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